Asaram Case: Lawyer Seeks Urgent Hearing, Claims Accused Near Death; HC Denies, Reviews Verdict

In the year 2013, Asaram was charged under various sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), including 376, 377, 354, 357, 342, 346, 504, 506(2), 201, 175, 179, and 120 B, concerning allegations of misconduct with a young woman from Surat. The case was heard in the Sessions Court of Gandhinagar. Last year, the Court pronounced a life imprisonment sentence against Asaram. Subsequently, Asaram lodged an appeal in the High Court following the judgment issued by the Sessions Court of Gandhinagar. 

The appeal proceedings are currently underway in the court presided over by Justices A.S. Supehiya and Vimal Vyas. Asaram’s legal representatives, Ashish Dagli and I.H. Saiyed, were present during the hearing and requested an expedited trial. They notified the court that the accused is currently in a critical health condition. However, the court emphasized that such considerations cannot preempt legal proceedings. The judgment of the Rajasthan High Court has been reviewed in this context.

Gandhinagar Sessions Court: A Comprehensive 1100-Page Verdict

The Gandhinagar Sessions Court has issued a comprehensive verdict spanning 1100 pages. This verdict encompasses all records, which amount to approximately 11000 pages. To facilitate ease of reference, a condensed compilation of six pages has been prepared, incorporating court orders, testimonies, and evidence considered during proceedings. This concise compilation ensures accessibility and clarity for presenting evidence before the court.

Asaram was convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment

Asaram Denied Permission to File Appeal Again

The court has categorically stated that after reviewing such a voluminous amount of records once, they will not grant Asaram permission to file an appeal again. Asaram’s lawyers informed the court that there were seven accused in this case, including Asaram, who was sentenced to life imprisonment after being found guilty. 

However, seven individuals were acquitted of charges during the proceedings. In October 2013, a young woman from Surat filed a complaint of sexual assault against Asaram when she was residing at his Sabarmati ashram in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

Complaint Filed 12 Years After Alleged Sexual Assault: Lawyer

The complaint was lodged by the young woman at the DCB Zone 4 Surat. She was transferred to the Chandkheda police station. Asaram’s lawyer informed the court that there was no medical evidence due to the delay in filing the complaint, which was made 12 years after the alleged incident. The court emphasized that considering the status of the accused, women who come forward to report such crimes will need more courage. 

Therefore, the complaint has been dismissed. Asaram’s lawyer stated that the accused has been in jail for 10 years and is currently in critical health condition. However, the court emphasized that such considerations cannot preempt legal proceedings, and the judgment of the Rajasthan High Court has been reviewed in this context.

Earlier, Narayan Sai applied for bail for the care of his father

Further Hearing Scheduled for March 6th; Asaram’s Health in Decline

Asaram’s lawyer has reported that his mental and physical health is deteriorating. He has been taking Ayurvedic medicines since childhood. He is not fit to go to AIIMS. The entire case’s paperwork will be submitted by Asaram’s lawyer. Another hearing on the case is scheduled for March 6th. It is worth noting that Asaram’s son, Narayan Sai, is also serving a sentence in a separate case of sexual assault. 

Some time ago, taking into account Asaram’s health, Gujarat High Court had sought his bail, which the court denied. In this petition, Narayan Sai informed the court that Asaram is 85 years old, has 95% blockage, has had 6 stents implanted, and requires surgery, which the court did not agree to.

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