Tragic Bhagmati River Incident: 30 Children Drown, 20 Rescued, 10 Missing en Route to School Before Nitish Kumar’s Arrival in Muzaffarpur

Today, a major accident occurred in the Bhagmati River in Muzaffarpur. A boat carrying school children capsized in this unexpected incident near Beniyababad. More than 30 children were on board the boat. So far, 20 children have been rescued, but 10 are still missing.

The SDRF team has arrived at the accident site along with the Beniyababad Police. A rescue operation in the Bhagmati River has commenced.

The local residents have reported that, just like every day, the children were going to school in the boat on Thursday. The boat was carrying more than 30 children. Due to strong currents, the boat lost balance and overturned in the river. The atmosphere inside the boat was filled with chaos and panic among the children.

As news of the incident spread, crowds had already gathered at the scene. On the other hand, Chief Minister Nitish Kumar is set to inaugurate the newly constructed Piku Ward before his arrival in Muzaffarpur. The incident had created a frenzy in the disaster management department even before the CM’s arrival.

After the incident, local residents are expressing anger, stating that they have been demanding the construction of a bridge over the river for years, but their requests have not been acknowledged. This unexpected tragedy has also highlighted that there were several women on board the boat along with the children.

Niyati Rao

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