Municipal Mayor Clashes with Police in Chief Minister’s Program For Corporate Entry Check

Today, the Chief Minister arrived in Bhavnagar, where prior to his arrival, there was a non-interaction with the mayor at the venue. Some of the elected corporators of Bhavnagar were not allowed entry, which sparked a brief controversy. When the corporators were being escorted by the mayor to enter, a female police officer remarked, “Let’s check, why not check?” To this, the mayor replied, “This matter will have to be communicated to the CM,” causing the female police officer to back off at that moment.

Casual Talk between the Vahivat System and BJP Organization

Chief Minister Bhupendra Patel visited Bhavnagar for a one-day meeting today. He arrived in Bhavnagar for the inauguration and conclusion of development works worth 396.34 crores. Before his arrival, while the elected corporators of Bhavnagar were being checked near the women’s college circle, Yashvantrao Natya Group, some controversy arose. Despite checking everyone as per protocol, entry was only granted after a certain number of checks, creating a momentary spark between the CM’s security and the BJP leaders. This casual conversation spread between the vahivat system and BJP organization.

Was the Conduct of the Female Police Officer Inappropriate?

When police officers were escorting people for entry, they used to check everyone as per protocol. At that time, corporator Hiralben Kukadiya from Ward No. 5 was being checked by a female police officer, while Mayor Bharat Barad arrived and was about to enter, the female police officer turned to the mayor and said, “Let’s check, why not recheck?” The mayor then said, “This matter will have to be communicated to the CM.” This incident was captured on video. During this, when female police officers learned about the mayor Bharat Barad’s arrival, they became a little hesitant. Although the female police officers were performing their duties of checking everyone, their conduct with the mayor was considered inappropriate.

Inauguration and Conclusion of Crores of Development Works

Today, the Chief Minister visited Bhavnagar for a tour. He will be present at the inauguration and conclusion ceremony of Yashvantrao Natyagriha and the new Range IG office. Yashvantrao Natyagriha, located near the women’s college in Bhavnagar, will undergo a renovation worth 1.47 crores, while the construction of the new Range IG office, costing 3.89 crores, will also be inaugurated by them. Following this, 91 vehicles for the door-to-door waste collection of the Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation will be flagged off.

After the inauguration of the new Range IG office and the renovation of Yashvantrao Natyagriha, various developmental works of Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation, regional commissioners of municipalities, road and building department, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, and various development works of Bhavnagar irrigation scheme will be inaugurated and concluded by the Chief Minister.

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