Sabarmati’s Charkha, Surat’s Diamond, Vadodara’s Banyan, Bilimora’s Mango, and Mumbai’s Coastal Waves: 12 Unique Themes Along the Bullet Train Route

Ahmedabad-Mumbai High-Speed Corridor, spanning 508 km, will have the country’s first bullet train, and the stations are being designed with unique themes based on 12 cities along the corridor. Each station’s theme reflects the distinctive features of the respective city. The theme-based stations aim to instill a sense of pride among the city residents by showcasing the identity of their city. Notable themes include Bapu’s Charkha in Sabarmati, Shwet Kranti in Anand, the cultural heritage of Ahmedabad, Keri Bagicha in Bilimora, Vad’s tree in Vadodara, and the diamond-shaped waves in Surat. There are a total of 8 stations in Gujarat and 4 stations in Maharashtra along the corridor. (As per Divya Bhaskar by Lavkush Mishra)

Ahmedabad Station

This station will showcase the rich culture and historical heritage of the city, emphasizing civility, culture, tradition, and the festival of kites as the main identifiers of the city.

Surat Station

Both the interior and exterior are designed in the shape of a diamond, symbolizing Surat as the Diamond City. The world-renowned diamonds are polished here.

Sabarmati Station

Inspired by the surroundings of Sabarmati associated with Mahatma Gandhi, the station will feature the spinning wheel as a tribute to Gandhiji’s association with Sabarmati Ashram, making it a place of great honor.

Anand Station

The design is inspired by milk and the white revolution. The interior will also reflect the same, as it is known as the Dairy Capital. Amul started its journey from here.

Bharuch Station

It will have the appearance of a cotton bale. The structure inside will also be designed in a similar manner. As cotton is the main crop here, it is an ideal representation of Bharuch’s agriculture.

Vadodara Station

The outer part of this station is designed like Vad’s tree. Other stations in Gujarat will also be constructed based on this theme.

Bilimora Station

The theme here is Keri Bagicha (Mango Orchard), showcasing the importance of mango farming in Bilimora. It represents the ideal cultivation of mangoes in the region.

Other Stations in Gujarat

These stations will also be constructed based on their respective themes.

Bilimora Station

Here, the theme is the Keri Bagicha (Mango Orchard), emphasizing the significance of mango cultivation in Bilimora.

Vapi Station

The interior and exterior of the high-speed station will be designed based on the theme of speed.

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