Corruption Exceeding ₹72 Lakh through Abuse of Power: Captain Ajay Chauhan Goes Underground, Enjoys Vacation in America After Resigning

After a year-long hiatus, the Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB) has intensified its scrutiny of Captain Ajay Chauhan, emboldening its investigation. According to reliable sources, Captain Ajay Chauhan, who was suspended by the government some time ago, had tendered his resignation to both the state government and Gujarat’s administration. 

However, it is reported that the state government did not accept his resignation. Now, as complaints are being filed with the ACB, his resignation will not be accepted until the investigation is completed.

Captain Ajay Chauhan’s Current Status and Legal Implications

Currently in hiding, it is notable that Captain Ajay Chauhan also possesses a visa for the United States. This suggests that they are currently known to be on vacation in America. According to sources, after Captain Ajay Chauhan resigned, it was accepted by the government, but after a year, allegations of corruption were lodged against them. 

As per information, their passport has not been confiscated yet. Therefore, there are possibilities that Captain Chauhan may flee at that time. There is also discussion that a lookout notice should be issued against Chauhan. If they take their undisclosed assets worth crores, they cannot leave India. Efforts to contact Gujarat’s CEO Parul Mansatta on this issue have been unsuccessful.

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