Chicago Police Open Fire, 96 Shots Fired in 41 Seconds, Black Driver Killed: Incident Unfolds

The Chicago police have fired approximately 96 shots in about 41 seconds at a person’s car. Amidst this, the unarmed driver of the car, Dexter Reed, has been killed. The incident occurred on March 21st and the video related to the incident has now surfaced.

Video Shows Police Officers Firing at Unarmed Driver

The video captured during the incident shows a police officer in uniform aiming at the car and firing shots. Five police officers can be seen firing at a white-colored car. The sound of gunfire is also audible in the video.

Police Claim Reed Fired First

According to the news agency AP, Reed was not wearing a seatbelt during the driving, which prompted the police to stop him. Police claimed that Reed fired the first shot.

Reed Allegedly Fired 40 Shots

The police accountability team investigating the case stated that Dexter Reed fired the first shot at the police. In response, the police fired shots at him. Media reports suggest that Reed fired a total of 40 shots.

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