Police Scandal: 10 Suspended in 20k Robbery, Delhi Youth Victim; Traffic DCP Takes Action

In Ahmedabad, the city’s traffic police force has found itself embroiled in another controversy. Recently, following the attention drawn by the High Court to instances of vandalism by policemen on the Ring Road, a disconcerting incident has emerged wherein a Delhi youth, in the city to witness the World Cup final match, fell victim to a robbery amounting to 20,000 INR. Subsequently, legal proceedings have been initiated against both the police and Traffic Regulation Branch (TRB) personnel in connection with this incident.

In response to the investigation, Traffic Deputy Commissioner of Police Safin Hasan has taken assertive action by suspending ten police personnel implicated in the act of vandalism. This decisive move aims to address concerns regarding the conduct of law enforcement officers and underscores the commitment to maintaining discipline within the police force.

Furthermore, recognizing the severity of the situation, a team has been dispatched to Delhi to formally document a complaint from the individual who experienced the robbery. This proactive step emphasizes the authorities’ dedication to a thorough and unbiased examination of the circumstances surrounding the incident.

A Delhi youth, Kanav Manchanda, traveling to Ahmedabad by car to witness the India-Australia final match, encountered an unfortunate incident near Nana Chiloda. Allegedly, upon his arrival, he was approached by Traffic Regulation Branch (TRB) jawans, including those from the G Traffic Police, who initially demanded a sum of 2 lakhs INR. The demand was made following the discovery of a bottle of vodka, an English liquor, in Kanav Manchanda’s possession.

The situation escalated as the law enforcement officers insisted on the monetary payment to avoid filing a case related to the liquor bottle. During the course of negotiations, an amount of 20 thousand rupees was reportedly transferred to the account of a private individual. This development raises concerns about the conduct of the TRB jawans and traffic police personnel involved in the incident.

Notably, the incident came to light when, following India’s loss in the match, Kanav Manchanda was leaving the venue. It was at this juncture that the details of the encounter were disclosed to the media, bringing attention to the alleged misconduct by the law enforcement officers.

The reported sequence of events underscores the need for a thorough investigation into the conduct of the TRB jawans and traffic police personnel involved. Such incidents not only raise questions about the integrity of law enforcement but also highlight the importance of maintaining ethical standards and professionalism within the police force. As the details emerge, it is crucial for the authorities to address the matter transparently and take appropriate actions to uphold the public’s trust in the law enforcement agencies.

Delhi's youngster Kanav Manchanda

As Soon as 10 Police Officers Who Were Involved in Vandalism Were Suspended

Following the suspension of ten police personnel involved in the vandalism incident, the Commissioner of Police promptly directed higher-ranking officials to conduct a comprehensive investigation into the matter. An Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) was assigned by the traffic department to lead the investigation, which resulted in the suspension of three traffic policemen and seven Traffic Regulation Branch (TRB) jawans upon the revelation of their involvement in the breach.

Despite the initial reluctance of the Delhi youth, Kanav Manchanda, to file a complaint, the gravity of the situation prompted decisive action. A specialized team, including the Police Inspector (PI) from the traffic department, has been dispatched to Delhi. The purpose of this mission is to record a formal complaint from the victim and gather any additional information pertinent to the case.

In the event that the victim registers a complaint, it is anticipated that legal actions, including potential arrests of the three policemen and TRB jawan implicated in the incident, will be pursued. This proactive approach by the law enforcement authorities underscores the commitment to thorough and impartial investigations, ensuring accountability for any wrongdoing and upholding the principles of justice. The involvement of higher-ranking officials and the deployment of a specialized team to Delhi further signify the seriousness with which the law enforcement agency regards the incident, emphasizing its dedication to maintaining public trust and integrity within the police force.

The following individuals have been suspended from their duties in connection with the recent incident:

  1. Head Constable – Mahaveer Singh Bahadur Singh
  2. Police Constable – Vipul Singh Ram Singh
  3. Police Constable – Tushar Bharat Singh
  4. TRB – Jayesh Manichandra
  5. TRB – Nitesh Bhati
  6. TRB – Prakash Singh Jhala
  7. TRB – Yuvraj Singh Rathore
  8. TRB – Vijay Girishbhai Parmar
  9. TRB – Gautam Dhanjibhai
  10. TRB – Abhishek Kushwaha

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