67 Fatalities: Kazakhstan Mine Fire and Multi-Vehicle Crash in Egypt

In Kazakhstan and Egypt, unexpected incidents occurred, resulting in a total of 67 casualties. The possibility of further fatalities exists. Now, let’s find out what transpired in both countries.

Incident in Egypt:

In Egypt, a series of accidents involving several vehicles unfolded one after the other. According to local media reports, 35 people lost their lives in these accidents, and 63 individuals were injured. It was initially caused by a petrol leak from one of the vehicles, which subsequently led to a fire.

Simultaneously, in Kazakhstan, a fire broke out in a mine. According to the Ministry of Emergency Situations, 32 people lost their lives here. During the accident, 252 people were working in the mine, and 206 were successfully rescued, while 14 remain missing. The 18 injured individuals were taken to the hospital for treatment.

Incident in Egypt involving a Passenger Bus:

This incident occurred about 132 kilometers outside Cairo, the capital of Egypt. A passenger bus was also affected by the unexpected events. While the exact number of passengers on board is not yet available, the bus was involved in a collision with multiple vehicles. Subsequently, a fire broke out on the highway. Emergency services were dispatched to the scene, and affected individuals were taken to the hospital for immediate care.

Recurrence of an Accident in Kazakhstan:

This is not the first time an incident has occurred at this company’s mine in Karaganda, Kazakhstan. Previously, a methane gas leak resulted in an explosion, causing the deaths of 5 individuals and injuring 4 others. In November 2022, another methane gas leak occurred in the same mine, leading to the deaths of 5 people and injuries to 4 others.

National Day of Mourning:

The Kosystan region in Kazakhstan has 15 coal mines. President Qasym-Jomart Tokayev expressed his condolences on the tragedy and declared a national day of mourning for one day. He has urged his cabinet not to interfere in the company’s operations. After the incident, both the company and the government are facing questions regarding worker safety in the mines.

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