Fake ISRO/NASA Scientist Accuses Surat’s Mitul Trivedi, Private Tutor

Surat’s Mitul Trivedi, who claimed to have designed the most Chandrayaan 3 designs in Surat after the Chandrayaan 3 mission, was in the news. Then Surat Crime Branch investigates Mitul Trivedi and his poll bubble bursts. Mitul Trivedi created false documents claiming to be an ISRO scientist. He does M.Com and runs only private tuition classes. For last 11 years he was getting cheap fame of being a scientist of ISRO to increase the number of students. Then Surat Crime Branch arrested Mitul Trivedi and conducted further investigation.

Surat’s Mitul Trivedi Was in More Discussion Than Chandrayaan 3

After ISRO’s Chandrayaan mission was successful, Mitul Trivedi, who called himself ISRO’s scientist, was in discussion more than Chandrayaan 3 in Surat. He gained media attention by claiming to have designed Chandrayaan 3. However, a social worker from Surat who said that Mitul Trivedi was a supposed scientist was asked to investigate the fact that his words seemed like nonsense. Based on which the crime branch police investigated and finally Mitul Trivedi was proved to be a fake scientist.

The Crime Branch Arrested Him Who Proved to Be a Fake Scientist

Mitul Trivedi, who claimed to be a scientist of ISRO and NASA, had falsely identified himself as a scientist of India’s prestigious space agency ISRO. He created a special design for Chandrayaan 3 this time. In which the mistake made last time should not be made this time and it was claimed that Chandrayaan 3 has been designed with special care to ensure that dust does not fly while landing on the moon. It was because of this design that Chandrayaan 3 was successful and made a big fuss in the media. Dharmesh Gami, a social activist from Surat, who gained fame by openly giving the information of ISRO to the media, found it false and baseless. He requested the police to investigate Mitul Trivedi in the Umra police station to confirm that he was a scientist. On the basis of which he is proved to be a fake scientist, Surat Crime Branch Police has arrested him.

The Documents Given by Mitul Were Sent to Isro Bangalore and Checked

Surat Additional CP Sarad Singhal said that the police are currently arresting Mitul Trivedi, who claimed to have designed Chandrayaan-3 himself. Mitul Trivedi was questioned in the crime branch late last night. After that cross verification was done again today for about five hours. The documents given by Mitul were also sent to ISRO Bangalore for examination, but after finding no evidence, he was finally arrested by the police and brought to the police commissioner’s office.

Addition CP Sharad Singhal Said That Isro Called It a Fake Letter

While addressing a press conference, after the successful landing of Chandrayaan by ISRO, Mitul Trivedi, living in Adajan area of ​​Surat, called himself an ISRO scientist. He also used to show people the appointment letter of joining ISRO. Meanwhile, the social worker applied to the police commissioner and demanded that an impartial investigation should be conducted. So the Surat Police Commissioner handed over the investigation to the Crime Branch. Regarding this, the document of ISRO presented by him was examined. The crime branch contacted ISRO. From there the primary information was given that the letter created today is fake. No such letter has been issued by us.

Mitul Trivedi was questioned in the Crime Branch yesterday and today for two days after Isro’s reply that he lied to the parents. In which he was interrogated very long and intensively. After that, he has confessed that the letter he produced from ISRO is fake. Told before the police, Mitul Trivedi is not a big scientist but a teacher giving private tuition to class 12 and college students. More students would come as he was conducting tuition there himself who had created bogus documents claiming to be ISRO and NASA scientists. If you make such a letter and show it to the parents of the students, more students will come there for study.

It Will Be Investigated Whether More Bogus Letters Have Been Created

Where Mitul Trivedi created the bogus letters will be investigated. Mitul Trivedi has done B.Com and M.Com only. Mitul’s house will also be searched. The appointment letter found by ISRO from Mitul Trivedi has been proved to be bogus. So, a case has been registered against the accused in Surat Crime Branch under Sections 465, 467 and 419 of IPC. The investigation of the entire case has been handed over to the Surat SOG. It will also be investigated whether bogus letters have been produced.

For the last 11 years, Mitul Trivedi has taken advantage of being a fake ISRO scientist. His words were accepted by the whole of Surat for 11 years. Not only this, big clubs, big social organizations, private organizations, besides Veer Narmad South Gujarat University also used to be invited as a special guest as a scientist of ISRO to address the people and students. Apart from that, he has also claimed to have produced a certificate that he studied archology. It has been informed that Surat Crime Branch Police will also investigate all these matters in the coming days. At present, Surat Police has arrested him and is conducting further investigation to get his remand.

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