Fake Personal Assistant of Home Minister Exposed: Arrests Made After Intoxicated Threats to Transfer Police near Vadodara’s Golden Chowk

Rampant Forgery Uncovered in the State: Youth Impersonating Home Minister Exposed

Forgery has reached unprecedented levels in the state, ranging from fake toll booths and spurious government offices to fraudulent representations of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) and Chief Minister’s Office (CMO). In a significant turn of events, Vadodara police have apprehended a youth posing as the Home Minister. Located near the Golden Chowki in Vadodara, the police swiftly arrested three intoxicated individuals who had threatened to unleash terror after demanding a change in the Home Minister’s portfolio. One of the individuals, Varun Patel, had impersonated the Home Minister and even resorted to assaulting the police personnel when confronted. The investigation is now widening its scope to delve deeper into the entire matter, with the police arresting the trio involved in the alcohol-fueled ruckus.

Traffic Head Constable Reports Confrontation with Drunk Driver in Vadodara

Navinchandra Mathurabhai, an on-duty head constable in the traffic branch of Vadodara police, filed a complaint at the Harani Police Station regarding an incident that occurred last night. Mathurabhai reported that while he was on patrol duty in the eastern part of the city, he encountered Jyotishkumar Paunbhaiparmer, the driver of the traffic brigade van, who was speeding and talking on a mobile phone. According to Mathurabhai, Paunbhaiparmer was stationed near the Golden Chowki, close to the Paras Dhaba on the Service Road, around midnight. Mathurabhai and his team approached Paunbhaiparmer, who was standing beside his van, parked under two sheds, and initiated a conversation with him from the side of the road. Later, they moved closer to our parked vehicle to continue the discussion.

Altercation and Assault on Traffic Police Officers by Intoxicated Individuals

A disturbing incident unfolded when our vehicle’s door was forcibly opened by individuals under the influence of alcohol. They questioned our presence and, in an inebriated state, proceeded to engage with us. Despite attempts to deescalate the situation by explaining our role as traffic officers, the individuals became aggressive and unruly. The situation escalated further when Varun Patel, a youth, began hurling abuses and physically assaulting our driver on the road. The altercation culminated in a violent assault, where our driver was not only physically attacked but also verbally abused. Varun Patel, claiming to be the son of a government official, threatened repercussions and demanded that our team refrain from taking any action against them. The incident left us deeply concerned about the safety of traffic police officers on duty, and we hope that necessary measures will be taken to address such acts of violence against law enforcement personnel.

Incident of Stalking and Pursuit by Miscreants

We found ourselves pursued by unidentified individuals as we attempted to apprehend suspects. The alleged culprits, in a white four-wheeler, closely followed us as we attempted to catch them. Subsequently, as we closed in on the suspects for apprehension, they maneuvered into a narrow alley, escaping from one car to another, attempting to evade capture.

As we continued the pursuit, we discovered that the miscreants had entered our city control room and were being tracked through wireless communication. In response, the Anti-Stalking Police swiftly arrived at the scene. The chase continued, leading us all the way to the Anti-Stalking Police Station. The suspects were eventually captured and taken into custody for further investigation.

Assault on Driver by Alleged Miscreants – Three Arrested

Alleged assailants, stationed outside the police station, blocked our driver’s path and physically attacked him. They strategically positioned cars to trap our driver, leading to a violent confrontation. Law enforcement promptly intervened, cordoning off the area and arresting the three suspects involved in the assault.

The arrested individuals were identified as:

  1. Varun Narayanbhai Patel (Resident of Darjipura Village, Vadodara)
  2. Akash Sureshbhai Patel (Resident of Harani Village, Motifalia, Vadodara)
  3. Pinak Vineshbhai Patel (Resident of Harani Village, Vadodara)

The police spokesperson stated that the incident involved a scuffle with the police, resulting in the immediate arrest of the three suspects. Further investigations are underway to examine the details of the incident and gather additional information.

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