Young Man Suffers Heart Attack on Flying Aircraft: Emergency Landing in Jaipur, Flight en route Lucknow to Sharjah

A young man suffered a heart attack onboard a flight from Lucknow to Sharjah. The flight made an emergency landing at Jaipur Airport. The passenger was rushed to a nearby private hospital. The incident occurred around 11:10 PM on Sunday night.

According to airport authorities, an IndiGo flight took off from Lucknow around 9:45 PM for Sharjah. As the aircraft entered the region of Jaipur International Airport, air traffic control (ATC) was informed to prepare for a medical emergency landing. The airport administration had arranged resources, including an ambulance, to assist in the immediate response.

The flight had a total of 190 passengers.

According to airport officials, a 23-year-old passenger named Nantha Gopal experienced chest discomfort onboard. After landing, he was immediately transferred to a private hospital in Jawahar Circle, where doctors confirmed a heart attack. After the entire process, the flight was cleared for Sharjah at 12:50 AM. The aircraft carried 190 passengers, including crew members.

The medical staff accompanying the emergency at the hospital stated that after receiving initial care, the patient’s condition stabilized, and he was allowed to proceed on the flight. After this, the flight departed for Sharjah.


A flight traveling from Lucknow to Sharjah had to make an emergency landing at Jaipur Airport due to a 23-year-old passenger, Nantha Gopal, experiencing chest discomfort and a suspected heart attack. The incident took place around 11:10 PM on a Sunday night. After the aircraft landed, Gopal was rushed to a private hospital in Jawahar Circle. Medical professionals confirmed a heart attack and provided initial care, allowing his condition to stabilize. Following the medical intervention, the flight departed for Sharjah at 12:50 AM with a total of 190 passengers, including crew members.

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