Gandhinagar Businessman Reclaims 60K Withdrawn Without OTP from Paytm Postpaid Through CPGRAM Complaints

Gandhinagar’s businessman faced a serious incident outside his Paytm postpaid account. Without receiving any OTP, transactions of 60,000 occurred repeatedly. Frustrated by continuous deductions and a declining credit score due to periodic debits, the businessman finally lodged an online complaint with the central government’s CPGRAM department. The incident had previously led the businessman to file a complaint with the cybercrime department.

Complaints in Cybercrime

Currently, millions of people in Gandhinagar use Paytm for online payments. Even in this scenario, a businessman from Sector-22, Kartik Sankalchand Patel, faced an unusual incident. Utilizing Paytm for business transactions, he was offered a credit limit of 60,000 in his Paytm postpaid account. Though he didn’t need the credit, lured by the company’s offer, he activated the credit and soon found himself in a struggle lasting seven months. After continuous late fees, Kartik received justice after filing a complaint through the CPGRAM department.

Offered Credit Limit Leads to Continuous Struggle

A few days later, Kartik received a letter from Paytm, mentioning that in June 2023, he had utilized the 60,000 credit from the postpaid account. Being astonished by this revelation, Kartik requested transaction details from the company, and it was then revealed that no such transaction had taken place. The fact that money was transferred from his Paytm postpaid account to Rudra Mobile’s account without any transaction taking place became clear. This revelation led Kartik to file a complaint with the cybercrime department, as he realized he had fallen victim to fraud.

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