Gang Arrested for Stealing ATM Using Scorpio: Mewati and Anil Kathi Gang Members Involved in ATM Break-in

The police have successfully solved the ATM theft case in Wagra, Bharuch. Five individuals have been apprehended with the weapons used to break into two cars and an ATM. While the names of seven members of the Mewati gang involved in the incident have been disclosed, they are currently declared as wanted. The accused from Bharuch conspired to commit the ATM theft after establishing contact with members of the Mewati gang while in jail. Upon their release, they transported the HDFC Bank ATM from Wagra in Bharuch using a Scorpio car and subsequently cut the machine with a gas cutter in a field near Pisad village to access the cash. It has been revealed that this gang also stole ₹20 lakh from an ATM in Maharashtra. Furthermore, some of the accused implicated in this crime are associated with the Anil Kathi gang and the Mewat gang in Haryana.

ATMs were vandalized in both Gujarat and Maharashtra.

Twenty-one days ago, the suspects attempted to break into an ATM in Jolwa village near Dahej in Wagra. However, upon activation of the alarm, they fled the scene. Subsequently, they damaged the base of the HDFC ATM near the Reliance petrol pump in Wagra village. They then transported the entire ATM in a Scorpio car and used a gas cutter to break into the machine near Pisad village, making off with Rs. 3.52 lakh in cash.

It has been revealed that these apprehended suspects were also responsible for vandalizing the SBI ATM in Nandurbar, Maharashtra, and stealing an amount of Rs. 20 lakh from it.

During the preliminary investigation, the police discovered that the accused had established contact with each other while in jail. Subsequently, upon their release, they coordinated and devised a plan to rob the ATM. Before executing the ATM heist, they also admitted to performing Reiki in the area. Additionally, it was revealed that Salim, also known as Muso Abdul Siddique Khan, is affiliated with the Anil Kathi gang. The police team recovered two cars, Rs. 10,000 in cash, a router, 6 mobile phones, and 4 Fastegs from him. A total of Rs. 20.41 lakh has been seized.

Before committing the crime, Salim alias Musa and Imran alias Ronke were residing in a rented house located in Fatima Park in the Bypass area of Bharuch. This rented accommodation served as a shelter for members of the Mewati gang. Investigations have revealed that the accused would occupy this house during the day and continue to stay there at night. It remains to be determined whether the owner of the building had a formal rental agreement with them.

Recognizing the gravity of the crime, Bharuch LCB PI MP Wala, along with LCB PSI DA Tuvar and their team, meticulously scrutinized over 500 CCTV footage recordings related to the incident. Through technical analysis, the accused were identified, and concerted efforts were made to apprehend them. Subsequently, it was discovered that one of the accused involved in both the Wagra ATM theft and the attempted ATM theft in Dahej was present in Bharuch. The authorities successfully apprehended all five accused, one after the other.

Salim alias Musa Mukhs is facing charges in a murder case in Banaskantha. Additionally, he was involved as an accomplice in a robbery at the IIFL Gold branch in Ankleshwar. He has also been charged under the Arms Act and for theft-robbery in Navsari. Furthermore, his association with the notorious accused Anil Kathi of Surat has been noted, particularly in connection with a murder case involving betel nut in Banaskantha. It has been revealed that Salim, along with his associates Anand Singh Rajput and Devendra alias Devo alias Surya, is wanted in this case.

The accused arrested in the crime are as follows:

  1. Salim alias Muso, son of Abdul Siddique Khan, residing at Allpad Building No. 40, Jhilmil Row-House, Dated Allpad District Surat.
  2. Nadeem alias Kabir, son of Kayumkhan, residing at B/201, National Apartment, Piraman Date, Ankleshwar District Bharuch.
  3. Irfan alias Ronak, son of Babasaheb Dayma, native of Bharuch near Jinnat Bungalows, Jambusar Bypass Road, Rengan Village Dated Tilakwada District Narmada.
  4. Shyamalal alias Ramu, son of Shankarlal Varma, residing at Keyasara Thana: Dag Dist. Jhalawar (Rajasthan).
  5. Ameer, son of Shabir Natthu Khan (Mansuri), residing at U.W.23 Res.Indore Nawalkha Circle, Shree Boys Hostel Room (Madhya Pradesh). Stay true, Anjal Village Teacher Colony Thana Anjal District Balwani (Madhya Pradesh).

The wanted accused in the crime are as follows:

  1. IMRAN AKA IMA AKA TATUR, son of SAMSUDDIN KHAN, residing at Mangroka Police Station: Hatim Dist. Palwal (Mewat-Haryana).
  2. Ranveer alias Rana, son of resident of Ratiram, Dhandhuka Police Station: Sadar District Nooh (Mewat-Haryana).
  3. Niamat alias Ghoda, resident of Raipuri Village Ujna (Mewat-Haryana).
  4. Samadhan alias Adhikar alias Jigar, Anand Singh Rajput, resident of Palghar (Maharashtra).
  5. Black.
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  7. Devendra alias Devo alias Surya.

The modus operandi of the accused gang leaders involved in ATM thefts was as follows:

They would first scout ATM centers to identify potential targets. Then, during the night, they would arrive at the chosen ATM center armed with weapons. Their first step was to spray paint over the CCTV cameras to avoid being captured on video surveillance. Subsequently, they would either use gas cutters to break open the ATM machine or physically lift the entire machine and flee from the scene. After escaping, they would further dismantle the machine using gas cutters in remote fields and abscond with the cash contained within.

In a scenario resembling the incident in Wagra, Bharuch, a theft occurred at an ATM center in Limbadi, Surendranagar, on the same day. Approximately 21 days ago, four individuals entered the SBI ATM center situated on Bus Stand Road in Limbadi. They absconded with the entire ATM by loading it into an eco car. Afterward, they used a gas cutter to break open the machine in a nearby field, extracting an amount exceeding 25 lakhs from within.

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