Gujarat Angadiya Service Linked to Drug Trade: CID, IT, ED, and NCB Investigate

In a crackdown initiated by the state’s CID Crime and other agencies, raids were conducted in various cities including Ahmedabad, targeting the hierarchy of drug peddling networks. Following the operations against the drug peddlers, over 20 drug peddlers from various networks were apprehended atop S.G. Road. However, after a fortnight, these drug peddlers have resumed their operations.

These drug peddling networks, involved in drug cases spanning Gujarat and Rajasthan, have reportedly resumed their activities in different parts of Ahmedabad and neighboring areas. There’s a possibility that the drug dealing activities might resurface, involving multiple factions operating from different parts of the city.

Moreover, the investigation into the money transfer case involving H M Peddlers on S.G. Road has caught the attention of Delhi’s NCB, indicating a nationwide probe into the matter.

Offices bustling again

In the Iscon Arcade complex on CG Road in Ahmedabad, offices of over 20 peddlers have reopened. After the crackdown on organized crime by the state CID and other agencies, offices of peddlers in the Iscon Arcade complex were inspected. It was found that within a week, offices of peddlers had resumed operations.

The inspection by the CID and other agencies revealed that the names of peddlers’ offices, including that of PM Enterprises and H M Peddlers, were removed from the Iscon Arcade. All these offices were found to be bustling with activity and operational again.

Seized documents to be scrutinized

A copy of the documents seized by the Inspector of NCB Delhi outside the office of H M Peddlers has been sent for scrutiny. It includes information about the money transferred to Manoharlal, along with financial statements for the last two fiscal years. A summons has been sent to the responsible person of the peddler’s office in the NCB office in Delhi to be present for questioning every 22nd of the month.

Conversation Delayed by Office Owners

PM Enterprises and H M Peddlers, both offices, have resumed operations. When Divya Bhaskar attempted to talk to several office owners and employees present in the Iscon Arcade, they were not ready to discuss this matter. These peddlers’ offices had not prepared to talk about any matter concerning this.

Summoned and Many Questions

According to sources, in connection with drug smuggling and other drug-related activities in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, connections to Mumbai, Rajasthan, and Gujarat were revealed. There is a possibility that some money transfers related to drug trade may have been carried out through peddlers’ offices. The possibility of this has been completely revealed by various agencies of the state after the crackdown on organized crime. With the summoning of seized documents from H M Peddlers’ office by the NCB, many questions have now arisen.

What are the Cases?

Earlier this month, the police found 40 to 50 bank accounts with transactions of over 10 crores related to cricket betting in the Call Center. During this investigation, the money was traced back to Dubai through peddlers, which prompted the CID Crime and Income Tax teams to conduct raids on over 20 peddlers’ offices in Ahmedabad, Surat. Raids were conducted on the PM and HN peddlers in Ahmedabad. When suspicious transactions were detected in some bank accounts, the CID Crime team discreetly gathered information from peddlers’ offices. The investigation was initiated to gather information from peddlers’ offices discreetly with the help of the Income Tax teams. Raids were conducted on peddlers’ offices in Navrangpura, CG Road Iscon Arcade, Manekchowk, and Chinubhai Tower. It is estimated that over Rs. 15 crores have been seized from Ahmedabad and Surat.

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