Tragic Suicide in Kota: JEE Aspirant Niharika Ends Life, Leaves Heartbreaking Note ‘Sorry Mom, Dad, I’m a Loser

Tragic Suicide of Kota Student Ahead of JEE Mains Exam

In a tragic incident on Monday in Kota, a girl student named Niharika, who was preparing for the JEE Mains exam, committed suicide by hanging herself. The incident took place just days before the scheduled JEE Mains examination on January 30. Niharika left a suicide note in her room apologizing to her parents, stating that she considered herself a loser for not clearing the JEE and saw suicide as her only option.

Niharika, an 18-year-old Class 12 student residing on 120 feet road in the Borkheda area of Kota, was immediately taken to MBS Hospital by her family. Unfortunately, the doctors declared her brought dead.

The family revealed that Niharika succumbed to the stress of her studies. She was the eldest among three sisters, and her father, Vijay Singh, serves as a gunman in Vijay Bank. On the morning of the incident, Vijay was on duty, and Niharika was studying in her room on the second floor.

Around 10 am, when Niharika did not respond to her grandmother’s knocks on her door, the family was alerted. Upon entering her room, they discovered the tragic scene of Niharika hanging. According to her cousin Vikram, Niharika was diligent in her studies, scoring lower marks in her 12th grade the previous year. As a result, she decided to retake the 12th grade while concurrently preparing for the JEE. The stress of the impending exam weighed heavily on her, leading to this devastating outcome. She used to dedicate 6-7 hours each day to her studies.

Second Student Suicide Within a Week Shakes Kota

In a distressing turn of events, Kota witnesses its second student suicide within a week. The most recent incident involved a student preparing for the NEET exam, who took his own life on January 23. The victim, Mohammad Zaid (19), hailed from Moradabad, Uttar Pradesh, and was residing in a hostel located in the New Rajiv Gandhinagar area, falling under the jurisdiction of the Jawaharnagar Police Station in Kota. Zaid was found hanging in his hostel room, with the incident coming to light on January 24. Regrettably, this marks the second student suicide in Kota for the year 2024.

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