Devastating Hurricane-Typhoon in Libya: 5,000 Lives Lost, 15,000 Missing

In the African country of Libya, a severe catastrophe has unfolded due to violent storms and heavy flooding. Following the storms, two dams near the city of Derna collapsed, displacing a population of 10,000. This disaster has resulted in the complete devastation of the entire city.

In the country, more than 5,000 people have lost their lives so far. According to media reports, over 15,000 individuals are still unaccounted for, and only 700 bodies have been identified.

The whereabouts of 123 soldiers involved in rescue operations remain unknown. This is because the military is also overwhelmed now. None of the country’s preferred airports are suitable for cargo aircraft to land, making it difficult to deliver aid.

The Health Minister has stated that in many areas, bodies have been found submerged in water. Many homes have been washed away.

These challenges are hindering the relief efforts in the country.

In the entire city of Derna, there is no proper identification of the deceased.

According to Al Jazeera, the coastal city of Derna, near two dams, suffered significant damage due to the hurricane-typhoon, and the height of one dam was 230 feet. This dam was breached for the first time. According to reports, this dam had not undergone maintenance since 2002.

The entire city is submerged in water. Among the population of 10,000 in this city, 700 people have lost their lives so far. The situation is so dire that there is no space left even to bury the deceased. Corpses can be seen in the streets.

The Health Minister stated that “corpses are floating in the water.

The Health Minister said, “The situation in Derna is so dire that it’s challenging to estimate the extent of the damage. Due to this, we can only make rough estimates of the ground conditions. In many areas, bodies have been found submerged in water. Many homes have been washed away, and as a result, there is fear of disease outbreaks. I believe that about 25% of Derna city has been destroyed.

The government has stated that when the final figures come in, the world will be astonished. Such a dire situation was last seen in 1959. Many countries around the world have offered assistance, but how they will provide help remains to be seen. Neither the airport is secure, nor are the roads.

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