Mansukh Arrested for Offensive Remarks on Bahuchara Mata

Nowadays, many incidents are happening that hurt religious sentiments and people’s beliefs. Today, another such case has come to light from Kadi. A young man made indecent comments about Bahuchar Mataji and her vehicle, the rooster, in a video that he posted on social media. In a gathering, Mansukh Rathod made an inappropriate comment, saying, “Even if you feed the rooster almonds, pistachios, and ghee, if a six-foot-tall woman sits on the rooster, it will die.” When this matter came to the attention of Yuvrajsinh Solanki, he tried to make the young man understand and apologize. However, the young man used harsh language, recorded the conversation, and made it viral on social media. Yuvrajsinh Solanki then filed a complaint against Mansukh Rathod at the Kadi police station. The police have arrested the accused from Rajkot and have taken further action.

“If a Woman Sits on the Rooster, the Rooster Will Die” – Mansukh Rathod

Yuvrajsinh Solanki, a native of Abbasna village in Detroj taluka and currently residing near Dharti City in Kadi, is studying in college and also running a small business. Five days ago, Yuvrajsinh was at home and watching videos on his mobile. He opened YouTube and came across a video by a person named Mansukh Rathod. In the video, Mansukh Rathod was speaking indecently about Bahuchar Mata. He said, “They have seated Bahuchar Mataji on a rooster. Even if you feed the rooster almonds, pistachios, and ghee, if a six-foot-tall woman sits on the rooster, it will die…”

Mansukh Made Indecent Comments About Gods

Furthermore, Mansukh was saying that Meladi Ma is seated on a goat, and all these gods are seated on animals just to eat them. Watching the video, Yuvrajsinh became angry because Bahuchar Mata is his family deity. He found another video of Mansukh Rathod on YouTube, in which he made indecent comments about various deities. Yuvrajsinh saw Mansukh Rathod’s phone number in the video and called him to talk.

Police Register Complaint Against Accused

Yuvrajsinh told Mansukh Rathod that he had commented on Bahuchar Mata, who is considered their mother. In response, Mansukh Rathod said, “How would I know your mother, and if Bahuchar Mata is your mother, she would be your father’s mistress,” using offensive language before hanging up the phone. The conversation was recorded and went viral on social media. After this, Yuvrajsinh rushed to the Kadi police station and filed a complaint against Mansukh Rathod for making offensive comments about Bahuchar Mata and several other deities.

More Than Six Cases Registered Against the Accused

Mansukh Rathod, who made offensive comments against Adyashakti Bahuchar Mata, was arrested by the police. DYSP Milap Patel stated that yesterday, a complainant, Yuvrajsinh Solanki, filed a complaint at the Kadi police station. The accused, Mansukh Rathod, a resident of Rajkot, used offensive language against Hindu deities on a YouTube channel, intending to spread discord among different communities. When the complainant called him, he again used offensive language about the deities. The Kadi police registered a case, arrested him, and are investigating further. Additionally, it was revealed that there are more than six cases registered against this accused, including for prohibition, rioting, and fighting.

Devotees Rally in Becharaji

An audio recording of Mansukh Rathod from Saurashtra making offensive and inappropriate remarks about Bahuchar Mata during a conversation with a young man from Kadi went viral on social media on Thursday, sparking widespread outrage among millions of devotees. To prevent anyone from daring to speak disrespectfully about any religion’s deities in the future, devotees from more than 25 villages, including Bahucharaji, Shankhalpur, and Kalari, gathered at Bahuchar Mata’s temple on Friday afternoon. They organized a large rally and submitted a memorandum to the Mamlatdar, demanding the strictest punishment for such individuals who speak offensively about any religion’s deities.

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