Grieving Mother Appeals for Privacy: Minister Presents 50 Lakh Check Amid Emotional Encounter

On Friday, November 24, the armed forces and police solemnly paid homage to five valiant jawans who made the ultimate sacrifice during an intense encounter in Jammu and Kashmir’s Rajouri district. The bodies of these brave martyrs were respectfully laid at rest at the Army General Hospital in Rajouri, a poignant gesture honoring their service and sacrifice.

The encounter, spanning 36 hours in the Bajimal area of Dharamshala, concluded with the neutralization of two terrorists. This prolonged engagement underscores the dedication and valor exhibited by the security forces in their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the region’s peace and security.

In a gesture of condolence and support, Yogendra Upadhyay, a Cabinet Minister of the Uttar Pradesh Government, visited Kuankheda, the hometown of Captain Shubham Gupta from Agra. The purpose of the visit was to offer solace to the grieving family of the martyr.

During the visit, Minister Yogendra Upadhyay presented a financial contribution of Rs 50 lakh to Captain Shubham Gupta’s family as a token of the government’s support. However, the solemn occasion took a poignant turn when, in the midst of capturing photographs, Captain Shubham’s mother tearfully implored the minister to refrain from documenting the moment and instead pleaded for the return of her beloved son.

Five army jawans were martyred in the encounter that lasted for 36 hours from November 22 in Rajouri's Bajimal. Tributes were paid to him at the Army General Hospital.

In the Encounter With the Terrorists, 5 Jawans Were Killed

In the encounter with terrorists, the nation mourns the loss of five valiant soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice. Among those martyred are Captain MV Pranjal from 63 Rashtriya Rifles, hailing from Mangalore, Karnataka; Captain Shubham Gupta from 9 Paras, a resident of Agra, Uttar Pradesh; Havildar Abdul Majeed, a native of Jammu and Kashmir’s Poonch; Lance Naik Sanjay Bisht, belonging to Uttarakhand; and Paratrooper Sachin Laur from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh.

Captain Pranjal, survived by his wife Aditi, and Captain Gupta, survived by his father Basant Kumar Gupta, exhibited unwavering courage in the face of danger. Lance Naik Bisht, with his mother Manju Devi, and Paratrooper Laur, with his mother Bhagwati Devi, leave behind grieving families who now bear the weight of their immense sacrifice.

Sachin From Aligarh Was Going to Tie the Knot in 15 Days

The somber news of the untimely demise of Sachin Laur, a 24-year-old Paratrooper from Aligarh, has cast a pall of grief over his village, Tappal. Sachin Laur, who had fulfilled his childhood dream by joining the Army on March 20, 2019, was scheduled to be married in a mere 15 days.

Tragically, Sachin’s mortal remains will be brought to his village on Friday, marking the end of a promising life dedicated to the service of the nation. His sacrifice is particularly poignant as it occurred at a time when he was on the brink of embarking on a new chapter in his personal life.

Scheduled to solemnize his marriage on December 8th at Mant in Mathura, Sachin had chosen to remain steadfast in his duty, foregoing the celebrations with his family. The anticipation and joy surrounding his impending wedding have now given way to sorrow and mourning in the wake of this heartbreaking loss. The sacrifice of Sachin Laur stands as a poignant reminder of the profound commitment and sacrifices made by our armed forces in their duty to protect the nation.

Havildar Majid is survived by his wife Sagara B. and have three children.

The Brother of Abdul Majeed Was Also a Martyr

The sacrifice of Abdul Majeed in the recent encounter holds a particularly poignant note as it mirrors a tragic history within his family. Hailing from Ajot village on the Line of Control (LoC), Abdul Majeed’s brother, a para commando like himself, had also laid down his life in service to the nation in 2017. Majeed’s brother served as a soldier in the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry and met his martyrdom during an encounter in Poonch.

The commitment to the defense of the nation runs deep in Majeed’s family, with his uncle, Mohammad Yusuf, noting that between 30 to 40 members of the family have served in the army. The enduring legacy of service and sacrifice underscores the family’s profound dedication to the nation’s security.

The circumstances surrounding Abdul Majeed’s own sacrifice further amplify the gravity of the situation. During the encounter, Majeed had reassured his wife with a promise to return home soon, only for his phone to be found switched off later in the evening. The heart-wrenching news of Majeed’s martyrdom was the painful culmination of the day.

The encounter also claimed the life of a top Lashkar-e-Taiba commander named Qari, a Pakistani national trained on the Pakistan and Afghanistan fronts. Qari, considered the mastermind behind attacks in Dangri and Kandi, was actively leading his group in Rajouri-Poonch for the past year. His expertise in improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and proficiency as a sniper operating from caves marked him as a formidable force. Qari’s elimination is a significant development in the ongoing efforts to counter terrorism in the Jammu region.

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