Massive Locust Invasion Threatens 17 U.S. States After 220-Year

Indians are familiar with locust invasions, but this time, America braces itself for the onslaught. Two species of grasshoppers, known as cicadas, are set to invade simultaneously, spreading fear across 17 states. While one species strikes every 13 years and the other every 17 years, this rare event will witness both species converging.

Rare Synchrony: A Historical Perspective

The last such event occurred in 1803, during Thomas Jefferson’s presidency, with the next anticipated in 2245. With the capacity of 1.5 million locusts per acre, the sheer magnitude of the invasion is staggering. Typically underground dwellers, these locusts emerge every three to five years, favoring the summer season. The US Meteorological Department predicts the onslaught to hit in May.

Citizen Preparedness: ‘Cicadas Safari’ App

To aid citizen preparedness, the US government has launched the ‘Cicadas Safari’ app, enabling users to track locust activity in their vicinity. While these locusts are less likely to harm crops or plants, some trees are their preferred food source. However, the government reassures citizens of minimal threat to humans, despite the insects emitting an unbearable 90-decibel noise when their wings rub together.

A Rare Natural Spectacle: Embracing the Phenomenon

Despite their noisy presence, these organisms are relatively harmless, as they do not bite. Scientists urge people to appreciate this unique spectacle rather than fear it, emphasizing the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness billions of locusts in flight.

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