Mid-Air Chaos: Husband-Wife Altercation Forces Emergency Landing Attempt, Denied Entry by Pakistan, Diverts from Delhi Route

Lufthansa Flight Makes Emergency Landing in Delhi

Lufthansa flight LH772, traveling from Bangkok to Munich, had to make an emergency landing in Delhi. The emergency landing was prompted by a dispute between a couple on board. According to news agency ANI, security officials at Delhi airport stated that there was an altercation between the husband and wife, leading to the decision to divert the flight to Delhi. The couple had reportedly requested permission to land in Pakistan earlier, but the request was denied. After the diversion, the flight safely landed at Delhi airport. Security officials mentioned that the dispute escalated gradually, leading the crew members to decide on the diversion. Further details about the reason for the dispute were not immediately available.

Altercation on Lufthansa Flight Due to Husband’s Behavior

A Lufthansa flight from Bangkok to Munich made an unscheduled landing at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi at 10:26 AM. According to PTI, an altercation occurred on the flight involving a German passenger and his wife, who is a Thai national. The woman complained about her husband’s disruptive behavior, and both were involved in a dispute during the flight.

The pilot decided to divert the plane to Delhi due to the escalating situation between the couple. The Delhi airport security officials mentioned that the couple had earlier requested permission to land in Pakistan, but the request was denied. The flight then safely landed in Delhi.

The security officials stated that the dispute between the husband and wife gradually intensified, prompting the crew to decide on the diversion.

Passenger Misbehaves with Crew Member on Flight to Bengaluru

Earlier on November 20, a passenger traveling from Jaipur to Bengaluru had misbehaved with the crew during the flight. Upon landing in Bengaluru, the passenger was detained for his unruly behavior. Officials reported that the 32-year-old individual was intoxicated with alcohol and remained uncooperative even after several warnings. However, he was eventually calmed down after multiple warnings.

On November 23, a medical emergency forced an IndiGo flight from Jeddah to Hyderabad to divert to Karachi, Pakistan. The flight was carrying a passenger who needed immediate medical attention. Upon landing in Karachi, the passenger was promptly taken to a local hospital. Unfortunately, the doctors declared him dead shortly after.

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