Beware of Mobile Tower Fraud: Learn How Scammers Lure Victims for Easy Money

Cyber Gang members are enticing people to install 5G mobile towers, promising a monthly rent of 50,000 Rupees. They’ve posted advertisements on social media, claiming that if someone allows Jio company to install a mobile tower on their property, they’ll receive a monthly payment. They will also provide employment for tower maintenance. After falling for this scam, people have become trapped in their deceitful schemes.

Cyber Criminals Distributing Fake Documents

Following these ads, people have fallen into the trap of the gang. When people click on these ads, a website opens, prompting them to fill in personal information like name, address, email ID, and phone number. Scammers then contact them and offer to pay for this data. Cyber criminals have also produced fake documents and handed them over to people.

Extortion of 68,000 Rupees from Individuals

After individuals agree to install mobile towers, the scammers initiate their game. Scammers extract money from people on various pretexts. In one such case, the accused extorted 68,000 Rupees from a person in Faridabad. After a police investigation, culprits were apprehended in Delhi and Bulandshahr regions.

People should be cautious about such extortion and should remain alert. As a result, TRAI is appealing to people to stay vigilant and report any unsolicited messages. If you receive such a message, it is recommended to visit the nearest police station to verify its authenticity.

Niyati Rao

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