Alcohol Gathering at the Hostel of Ms University in Vadodara

A shameful incident has come to light in one of the most famous educational institutions of Vadodara. When Independence Day is being celebrated across the country, the incident of 3 students enjoying alcohol in the hostel room of Vadodara’s MS University has come to the fore According to the information received in this regard, a liquor party was going on in the hostel of the famous MS University College of Vadodara.

When the vigilance team got information about this, they reached there. After which the team came running to MM Hall as soon as they got the message. On the other hand, the students ran away after smelling it

Not only this, two students had come to stay in the hostel two days ago Vigilance assured to take legal action. The very next day there was a stir due to the liquor party being held in the hostel. Glasses filled with liquor and an empty bottle of liquor have also been found from room number 34 of the hostel

ABVP and vigilance team have also reached the spot. Further investigation has also been done by the team. Although MS Univ. It has been in controversy for a long time. This is another controversy

Niyati Rao

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