Murder During Rohit’s Wicket Celebration: Clash During IPL Match in Kolhapur Leads to Killing of 63-Year-Old Relative

In a shocking incident, a 63-year-old man was murdered during a heated argument following the celebration of Rohit Sharma’s wicket during an IPL match in the Hanmantwadi area of Kolhapur. The victim, identified as Bandupant Tibile, succumbed to his injuries amidst the altercation. The dispute erupted during a Sunrisers Hyderabad match when Rohit Sharma’s wicket was cheered, leading to a scuffle, during which Tibile was fatally attacked with a wooden object. The accused, identified as Balvant Jhanjge and his accomplices, allegedly assaulted the elderly man and then pelted stones at him.

According to police reports, Balvant Jhanjge and Sagar Jhanjge, along with other individuals, were watching an IPL match in a house in a locality in Kolhapur on Wednesday. Both of them were fans of Mumbai Indians. They were very upset with Hyderabad’s wickets falling too quickly.

When Rohit Sharma got out, Bandupant Tibile, a Chennai Super Kings fan, arrived there. When Rohit Sharma got out, Tibile expressed his happiness. This led to a heated argument, and enraged Balvant and Sagar attacked Tibile, causing him serious injuries to the head. The police were shocked by the incident of murder and attempted to murder, leading to chaos.

According to media reports, during the match on Wednesday night, tensions escalated between Tibile and Balvant Jhanjge, leading to a physical altercation in which injuries were sustained. Balvant and Sagar Jhanjge, along with Tibile, were admitted to the hospital for medical treatment due to the severity of their injuries.

Following the death of Tibile, the Karveer Police have taken custody of the suspects, Sagar Jhanjge and Balvant Jhanjge. The court has ordered them to be remanded for further investigation into the case.

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