NDRF Rescues 40 in Vadodara Flooding; 1487 Relocated; Mahi River Caution

Rescue Operation: NDRF saves 40 lives in Vadodara overnight.

Mass Relocation: 1487 residents from 3 Talukas moved to safety.

Safety First: Collector urges caution, avoids Mahi River.

The weather department’s recent warning of slow and continuous rainfall in Vadodara has created a rainy atmosphere in the city since yesterday. Throughout the day yesterday, there were intermittent showers in various parts of the city. Moreover, light rain has persisted in the city since last night. On the other hand, due to the rising water levels in the Narmada River, the district administration has repeatedly appealed to people residing in low-lying areas in Karjan, Dabhoi, and Shinor talukas of Vadodara not to stay near the river. Last night, an NDRF team rescued 16 individuals stranded in the small Syar village of Karjan taluka in Vadodara. As the water level in the Narmada River continues to rise, 1487 residents from three talukas of Vadodara have been safely relocated to higher ground.

In addition to this, there is a possibility of releasing five lakh cubic feet of water due to the new inflow at the Kadana Dam. Therefore, Vadodara District Collector Atul Gore has appealed to the residents of the villages around the Mahi River in Vadodara district to go to safe places and not to approach the riverbanks.

Due to the continuous rainfall that has been occurring since yesterday, as well as the persistent rains in Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh, there is a significant inflow of water into the Narmada River. As a result, the Narmada River is overflowing in the low-lying villages of three talukas in Vadodara district. Last night, a total of 1110 people from 11 villages in Dabhoi, Shinor, and Karjan talukas were safely relocated. Water released from the Sardar Sarovar Dam has caused flooding in Karjanalia (Madhi) – 24, Naderiya – 17, Shinor – 24, Barkal – 7, Malsar – 84, Purama (Karjan taluka) – 600, Alampura – 180, Lilai Pura – 25, Ozana – 24, Nanikoral – 130, and Shayer – 10, totaling 1110 people relocated to safer places. Additionally, there is a possibility of releasing five lakh cubic feet of water from the Kadana Dam, which is why Vadodara District Collector Atul Gore has appealed to the residents of the villages around the Mahi River not to approach the riverbanks and to move to safe places.

After receiving information from the SDM of Karjan that water was filling up in the small Syar village and that 8 to 9 people were stranded, the NDRF 6th Battalion swung into action late last night. Following intense and challenging rescue efforts that lasted two hours, the NDRF successfully rescued 16 individuals (5 men, 1 woman, and 10 children) and relocated them to safety.

The NDRF 6th Battalion has been deployed across various regions in the state, ready to respond to emergencies. This successful rescue operation was carried out with the active participation of local authorities and the SDM of Karjan.

A team immediately reached the scene and successfully rescued a total of 24 individuals from various parts of the affected areas in Kevaliya. Among the rescued individuals were 1 child, 2 infants, 8 women, and 13 men. The heavy rainfall over the past few days, coupled with the overflowing Narmada River, has created a challenging situation in the low-lying areas of Narmada district. To ensure the safety of residents in such areas, periodic alerts and information are being provided through the local administration and the NDRF. Last night, the Narmada DSP provided information to the NDRF about several people stranded in the low-lying areas near Kevaliya. The NDRF team swiftly responded to the situation and successfully rescued the individuals, relocating them to safer places.

In various districts across the state, NDRF 6 battalions have been deployed, and 5 teams are stationed in different regions. Specifically in Gujarat, teams are stationed in Bharuch, Vadodara, Narmada, Junagadh, and Rajkot. Each team is prepared to respond to any weather-related emergencies.

Over the past 24 hours, southern parts of Gujarat, particularly in Surat district, have experienced heavy rainfall. In this region, there are areas facing flooding due to the incessant rain. Meanwhile, in northern Gujarat, some places have also received moderate rainfall.

The NDRF teams are strategically placed to provide timely assistance and carry out rescue operations in case of any emergencies caused by the heavy rainfall. The state’s meteorological department is continuously monitoring the weather conditions and issuing alerts to ensure the safety of the residents in these regions.

Here are the rainfall figures in millimeters (mm) from 6 PM in the evening to 6 AM in the morning in various regions:

  • Savli: 29 mm
  • Vadodara: 32 mm
  • Vaghodia: 36 mm
  • Dabhoi: 93 mm
  • Padra: 40 mm
  • Karjan: 56 mm
  • Shinor: 51 mm
  • Desar: 75 mm

These measurements represent the amount of rainfall received in these areas during that time period.

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