Nepal Mayor’s Daughter Found in Goa After 2-Day Meditation Center Disappearance: Father Concerned

Mayor Gopal Hamal’s daughter, Aarti, has been found two days after going missing. Officials stated that Aarti was found in a hotel in North Goa. Aarti, a follower of Osho, had been practicing meditation in Goa for the last 36 years. She went missing on Monday (March 25).

She was last seen on Monday night near the Ashvem Bridge, near a wellness center. The Goa police had initiated a search operation to find Aarti. After her daughter was found, Mayor Gopal expressed gratitude on social media for people’s help.

Father thanked people for their help

In a post, he wrote – “Aarti is in a delicate state. I am thankful to all those who helped in finding my daughter. My Nepali brothers and sisters living in Goa and all the others, I express my gratitude. Aarti was last seen around 9:30 PM on Monday near the Ashvem Bridge.”

Her younger sister, Arju, posted on social media – “Some callers informed me that Aarti was last seen on the Siolim Bridge. According to reports from Nepal’s newspaper, The Himalayan Times, Aarti had been associated with an Osho meditation center for some time.

The mayor shared contact numbers for information about his daughter

Prior to this, Mayor Gopal had provided information about his daughter’s disappearance through a post on social media. He wrote – “My daughter, Aarti, is a disciple of Osho and has been residing in Goa for a few months now. I received a message from her friend that she has been missing from the center for the last two days. My other daughter, Arju, and son-in-law are going to Goa to search for Aarti. If you have any information about my daughter, you can contact these numbers: 9794096014 / 8273538132 / 9389607953.”

The manager of the meditation center, Anand Pram Katipale, informed Indian Express that Aarti had been staying with him for the past few months. She used to travel alone and often took breaks to visit Goa. She was found near the bridge yesterday night. In the morning, when she didn’t return, we informed her family and the police.

The police initiated a search operation

Deputy Police Commissioner Jeevaba Dalvi stated that a report of Aarti’s disappearance had been filed. She can be identified by her name as Aarti. She has been missing since March 25. Dalvi said, “We have filed a missing report and initiated a search operation. We are making all efforts to find her.

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