Pakistani Sailors Chant ‘Bharat Zindabad’… VIDEO: Indian Navy Gratitude! 12-Hour Operation Saves Them from Pirates

In a remarkable turn of events, Somali fishermen rescued 23 Pakistani sailors who were taken captive after their vessel was hijacked by pirates in the waters near the Gulf of Aden. The Pakistani sailors, overwhelmed with gratitude for their rescue, expressed their appreciation by chanting “Bharat Zindabad”. 

The operation to rescue them took place on March 29th, marking a moment of triumph and solidarity amidst adversity.

The Indian Navy had received intelligence about the hijacking near the Al-Kambari vessel in the vicinity of the Gulf of Aden, adjacent to the Arabian Sea. Somali fishermen, showing exceptional courage and compassion, undertook a daring operation to rescue the sailors. 

The nine Somali fishermen successfully thwarted the hijacking, ensuring the safety and freedom of the Pakistani sailors. This act of bravery and international cooperation serves as a testament to the power of unity and humanity transcending borders and differences.

9 pirates were caught by the Navy. This picture was shared by the Indian Navy on social media.

Pakistani Sailors Express Gratitude for Indian Navy’s Heroic Rescue Mission

A video featuring Pakistani sailors has gone viral, wherein one individual is heard stating, “I am Ameer Khan. I am the master of this ship. We were coming from Iran when pirates hijacked our vessel. On March 29th, at 3 PM, the Indian Navy initiated our rescue. They worked tirelessly throughout the night. They have set us free. Thanks to the Indian Navy. Long Live India.”

This heartfelt acknowledgment comes from Pakistani sailors who were rescued by the Indian Navy after their ship was hijacked by pirates. Their gratitude reflects the extraordinary efforts and dedication of the Indian Navy personnel who worked relentlessly to ensure their safety and freedom. This incident exemplifies the spirit of cooperation and goodwill between neighboring nations, transcending boundaries for the greater good of humanity.

Indian Navy Rescues Hijacked Vessel with INS Sumedha and INS Trishul

A Pakistani ship was approximately 166 kilometers southwest of the Yemeni Socotra Island when it faced the threat of hijacking. Upon receiving the distress signal, the Indian Navy swiftly deployed its warships to intercept the vessel. 

INS Sumedha was dispatched to halt the Iranian vessel, intended to be used by the pirates as a base for hijacking operations. Following this interception, INS Trishul provided assistance in rescuing the ship from the clutches of the pirates. 

Through the coordinated efforts of INS Sumedha and INS Trishul, the Indian Navy successfully averted a potential hijacking, ensuring the safety and security of the Pakistani sailors on board. This display of cooperation and prompt action underscores the commitment of the Indian Navy to maintain maritime security in the region.

This image has been shared by the Indian Navy. In this, the pirates present on the ship appear in a red circle.

Indian Navy Conducts 12-Hour Operation to Safeguard Hijacked Vessel

In a swift and decisive operation, two warships of the Indian Navy undertook a 12-hour mission to neutralize a piracy threat in the maritime domain. The naval team executed the operation meticulously, compelling the pirates to seek refuge. 

Presently, the team is conducting a thorough inspection of the ship. Following this assessment, arrangements will be made to transport the vessel to a secure location, ensuring the safety of all involved. 

This proactive response exemplifies the Indian Navy’s unwavering commitment to maritime security and the protection of seafarers in perilous situations.

This picture is of the Iranian ship 'Al-Qambar'. Pirates hijacked it on March 28.

Indian Navy Rescues 19 Pakistani Sailors in Arabian Sea

In a daring rescue mission conducted on January 29th off the eastern coast of Somalia in the Arabian Sea, the Indian Navy saved the lives of 19 Pakistani sailors. The sailors were aboard an Iranian-flagged vessel that had been hijacked by 11 pirates.

Utilizing its warship INS Sumitra, the Indian Navy swiftly intervened to rescue the vessel. The rescued ship has been identified as “MV Al Na’imah.”

Following the successful rescue operation, the Indian Navy fulfilled its obligation by releasing all the sailors, including the captors. However, the pirates were swiftly apprehended after the rescue operation.

This picture is from the time of FV Al Naimi's hijacking. In which the pirates present on the ship are seen with weapons.

Maritime Vessels Under Attack: Escalating Tensions in the Arabian Sea

Since the onset of the Israel-Hamas conflict on October 7, 2023, incidents of ship hijackings by Somali pirates in the Arabian Sea have seen a notable rise. To counter this threat, the Indian Navy has heightened surveillance of warships in the Arabian Sea. 

On the other hand, Yemen’s Houthi rebels, in opposition to Palestinian attacks, continuously target vessels in the Red Sea, exacerbating the volatile situation further. 

This surge in maritime hostilities underscores the urgent need for international cooperation and concerted efforts to ensure the safety and security of vessels navigating these perilous waters.

This picture is of a Somali pirate. (file)

Indian Naval Crew Faces Assaults by Somali Pirates

Somali pirates have launched attacks on vessels, including those manned by Indian crews, multiple times in the past month. On January 4th, the Indian Navy successfully thwarted an attempted hijacking by pirates targeting a Liberian-flagged vessel named MV Lila Norfolk. 

The Indian Navy revealed that the vessel had sent a distress message via the UK Maritime Trade Operations (UKMTO) portal. It was reported that 5-6 armed pirates had boarded the ship.

Upon receiving hijack alerts, a Maritime Patrol Aircraft P8I was immediately dispatched towards the vessel. Additionally, INS Chennai was deployed to provide security to commercial ships in the vicinity. The operation concluded successfully on January 5th, with all 21 crew members, including 15 Indians, rescued safely.

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