Transformer Blast in Patna Civil Court: Lawyer Dies, 6 Others Injured, PMCH Called for Assistance

An explosion occurred around 1:30 pm on Wednesday in a transformer near the Patna Civil Court. In this incident, lawyer Devendra Prasad lost his life, and six people were injured. The sudden explosion caused chaos within the court campus, leading to panic. For a long time, the site of the explosion remained chaotic. A transformer was installed near Gate Number One of the Civil Court.

During the commotion, some injured individuals were taken to the courtroom via an ambulance. Amidst this, one individual tried to take advantage of the situation but was swiftly apprehended by the police.

It is reported that the lawyer, Devendra, was disabled. He used to come to the court daily in a rickshaw. When the explosion occurred in the transformer, Devendra attempted to escape, but he couldn’t run, becoming a victim of the incident.

Following the explosion, the police and nearby locals rushed to provide assistance. A medical team was also called to the scene. Munshi Jitendra and lawyer Hari Babu were seriously injured in the explosion and have been admitted to PMCH (Patna Medical College and Hospital).

Lawyers protesting with the deceased’s body

After receiving information about the incident, Patna’s Senior DM and ADM reached the scene and spoke with the lawyers. There was opposition within the court premises with the deceased’s body. The protesting lawyers demanded Chief Justice’s presence. They insist that the government should provide a compensation of 50 lakh rupees to the families of the deceased.

Demand for Government Jobs for Victims’ Families

Lawyers Mohammad Parvez Alam, Ajay Kumar Mishra, and Arun Kumar Azad revealed that they were the sole breadwinners of their families. Despite facing severe distress, they used to work in the civil court all day. No other member of their family earns. Therefore, the district administration and government are being asked to provide jobs to a member of the affected families and fulfill the demand for compensation of 50 lakh rupees. They stated that the entire incident occurred due to the negligence of the Electricity Department.

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