Patna Urine Scandal: Woman’s Clothes Removed for 1500 Rupees,Accused Absconding

When the family asked the woman, she revealed that she had been beaten by Pramod on her head and his son had urinated on her face. When the woman returned home later, there were signs of injuries on her head, and her feet bore signs of being beaten. This incident frightened the family so much that they considered leaving the village.

A horrifying incident has come to light in Bihar where a Dalit woman was subjected to inhuman treatment by local goons. The woman has made serious allegations against the assailants. Her ordeal began when she borrowed a loan of INR 1,500 with an increased interest rate from the goons. Later, the goons demanded more money from her, and when she refused, they forcibly removed her clothes, physically assaulted her, and urinated on her face. The police have registered a case and started the investigation.

According to the Times of India, the entire incident took place in Mosimpur village of Patna district. The woman’s family had recently borrowed a loan of INR 2,500 from the assailants, Pramod Singh and his son Anshu Kumar. They have also registered a case against four other individuals. The woman’s family stated that on Saturday night, the goons forcibly took her away from her home. When her family couldn’t find her, they initiated a search, and they found her without clothes. She had wrapped herself in her clothes and was brought back home. The woman had visible marks on her head, and her feet had been beaten. This incident left the family so terrified that they are considering leaving the village.

The police have stated that the woman initially filed a complaint of assault at night, but later, she changed her statement, and Pramod Singh, Anshu Kumar, and 3-4 others were named as accused in the FIR. Currently, the police have registered a case based on the woman’s complaint. Following this incident, the hooligans have been harassing the woman’s family, and the police are conducting raids at various locations to apprehend them.

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