Petrol Pump Robbery in Rajkot: Thieves Loot 12.79 Lakhs, Police Swiftly Nab 6 Culprits

On November 27, in a daring attack on petrol pump employees in Rapar, Kutch, the police arrested six individuals within five days, solving the case of a loot amounting to ₹12.79 million. Special teams, consisting of police personnel from Rapar, Lakhdiya, Balasar, Gagodar, Aadesar, Khadir police stations, and PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) personnel, were formed to apprehend the culprits. After the crime, the police meticulously checked the CCTV footage of various entry and exit points in the city, identifying the suspects and tracking their movements. The arrest of Vishan alias Bholo Devjibhai Meriya (age 28), a resident of Rapar, was a significant breakthrough.

Alleged Mastermind Sukhdev Koli’s Criminal History

Sukhdev Koli, alias Sukho Rido, is accused of being the mastermind behind the robbery. In March 2021, Sukho, residing in Mangadh, had eloped with his girlfriend. After consuming poison, he sought refuge with his friend Tulsibhai Koli. The police arrested Sukho and Tulsibhai in connection with the murder of Sukho’s girlfriend. Subsequently, on September 6, 2021, after completing the term in Rapar court, Sukho and Tulsibhai were released by the staff of the police van near Badargadh. Later, PSI B.G. Raval from Aadesar police station apprehended Sukho near Tilakvada in Narmada.

Mumbai Police’s Operation in Nabbing the Accused

After the robbery, Mumbai Police, led by PSI Raval and his team, captured Sukho and a juvenile accomplice in Mumbai. Former Kutch SP Sagar Bagmar, along with PSI B.G. Majirana, R.R. Amaliya, Lakhdiya PSI R.R. Vasava, Aadesar PSI B.G. Raval, Balasar PSI Vivek Zha, Gagodar PSI D.R. Gadavi, Khadir PSI K.D. Raval, and LCB staff, collectively contributed to solving the case.


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