Prime Minister Modi’s Strategic Approach to Combatting Corruption, Nepotism, and Appeasement

Addressing the significant challenges of “corruption, nepotism, and appeasement” as the formidable impediments that have inflicted considerable harm upon the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi articulated on Tuesday that fostering a climate of “suchita” (probity), “pardarshita” (transparency), and “nishpakshta” (objectivity) is an imperative shared responsibility to propel India towards the echelons of development. In his discourse, the Prime Minister accentuated the paramount importance of nurturing an environment characterized by ethical conduct, open and accountable governance, and impartiality, underscoring that these principles collectively contribute to the realization of a developed India.

In his address during the 77th Independence Day celebrations, emanating from the historic precincts of the Red Fort, Prime Minister Narendra Modi cogently articulated that the pervasive influence of corruption has profoundly impaired India’s inherent capacities. He firmly asserted that the nation must steadfastly commit to a resolute stance of absolute intolerance towards any manifestation of corruption. The Prime Minister’s words resonated with a resounding call to action, underscoring the imperative of eradicating this malaise in all its manifestations, thus paving the way for the unfettered advancement of the country.

“Prime Minister Modi’s unwavering dedication to combating corruption is a testament to his lifelong commitment. Under my administration, a rigorous effort has been undertaken to eliminate the presence of fraudulent beneficiaries within our welfare programs, resulting in the removal of 10 crore spurious claimants. Furthermore, a remarkable surge of 20-fold has been witnessed in the confiscation of unlawfully acquired assets. These accomplishments signify a resolute stride towards upholding transparency, accountability, and the sanctity of public resources.”

He additionally emphasized that the practice of pursuing appeasement in politics has inflicted the most detrimental impact upon the pursuit of social justice.

In his 10th Independence Day address, Prime Minister Modi underscored that the cherished principles of democracy have regrettably been marred by the adverse effects of nepotism. He further raised concerns by asserting that certain political entities, often characterized by dynastic lineage, adhere to a paradigm epitomized as “party of the family, by the family, and for the family.” This incisive commentary highlights the Prime Minister’s apprehensions regarding the potential erosion of democratic values due to such practices.

Niyati Rao

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