Pune Porsche Crash Suspect’s Rap Song Post Bail: Truth Revealed in Viral Video

The recent case involving a minor in Pune has sparked discussions. The Juvenile Board on Wednesday canceled the bail of the minor accused and sent them to the juvenile correction center until June 5th. New claims related to this case are emerging now.

Allegations of Rape Song Creation

There’s a claim that the minor accused in Pune made a rape song after assaulting two minors with his Porsche car. Tweets related to this claim have been shared by many verified and non-verified users. The Jaipur Dialogues, from its verified account, wrote in a tweet – “Pune Porsche asks the minor accused of an accident to write an essay for the judiciary. It’s a rape song written by a minor.” Police are investigating whether the video belongs to the accused or not. Look at the arrogance of the one who made this video.

Social Media Buzz for Jaipur Dialogues

News about Jaipur Dialogues had already garnered 11,000 likes on Twitter. Furthermore, over 4,000 people had retweeted it. The Jaipur Dialogues has amassed 3.39 lakh followers on the platform.

Naks Shares TV9 Marathi Clip

A verified user named Naks shared a video clip from TV9 Marathi in their tweet, writing, “After getting land, Vedant Agrawal made a rap song.”

There, a user named Vijay wrote in his tweet – Sagir accused of murdering two innocent people in Pune with his Porsche car and then made a rape song. This is mocking the Indian judiciary, which had granted bail after writing a 300-word essay.

To understand the reality behind viral videos, we turned to Google for help. Among the search results, we found a news article from an English-language free press journal. The headline read, “Will show the street play again… Pune: Viral video of alleged rapist’s purported rape video goes viral, police declare it fake.”

The Crime Branch, Zone 1’s SP Sunil Tambe has stated that a video is going viral on social media claiming to be footage of a recent accident involving the accused Porshe. This claim is false. We are conducting both a factual investigation and a technical analysis.

Read Free Press News Archive Link.

During the investigation, we came across a tweet from a user named Sunaina, in which she wrote:

“Pune Hit and Run Case Fake News Video Alert: The news circulating on TV9Marathi and abpmajhtv is fake. The rap song has not been created by any accused. This video has been shared on Instagram by someone named Aryan Krjistan 2. Screenshots and the video are provided here.”

A user mentioned Aryan in their tweet, which caught our attention during the investigation. The user has 66 thousand followers on Instagram and is a content creator.

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