Tragic Job Scam: Aspirant Pays ₹75 Lakh, Fails to Secure Position in Sabarkantha Bank, Father Succumbs to Debt-Induced Suicide

Youth Leader Yuvrajsinh Exposes Corruption in Bank and Market Yard Recruitment

Yuvrajsinh, a youth leader, has exposed widespread corruption in a recent recruitment drive conducted by a bank and market yard. Out of the 12 candidates involved in this recruitment process, only one applicant managed to secure the position. Shockingly, this candidate happened to be the son of a person who allegedly lost his job due to the corruption in the same recruitment.

This recruitment drive involved a significant amount of money, with candidates reportedly paying lakhs of rupees to secure a job in Sabarkantha Bank and Marketing Yard. Yuvrajsinh accused the authorities of demanding exorbitant amounts ranging up to 35 lakhs from candidates aspiring to fill the clerical position. The youth leader has raised concerns about the integrity of the recruitment process, emphasizing that it does not adhere to fair practices.

In response to the allegations, Yuvrajsinh criticized the authorities for the corrupt practices that have led to an individual committing suicide. He expressed disappointment that despite the seriousness of the matter, the police have not yet registered a complaint.

Additionally, Yuvrajsinh disclosed that in Sabarkantha, a clerk position recruitment in the bank resulted in candidates paying large sums of money, and the son of a person who lost his job due to the corruption ended up securing a position by paying 35 lakhs. Another candidate’s father, identified as Dashrath Patel, paid 75 lakhs to secure a job for his son, who eventually received a whopping 1.40 crores after joining.

Father Commits Suicide After Alleged Bribery in Job Recruitment

Mukesh Ramchand Patel, the chairman’s husband in Sabarkantha Bank and Marketing Yard, allegedly committed suicide after providing money to Sujit Patel. This incident occurred before Sujit Patel took his own life. Before attempting suicide, Mukesh Patel wrote a suicide note in which he listed the names of people who had taken money from him.

According to Yuvrajsinh Jhala, this money was used to offer jobs to other candidates in place of Mukesh Patel’s son. The suicide note also contained names of individuals who had received money, along with the amount they took. The note implicated them in the alleged bribery and corruption related to job recruitment.

In total, there are 12 cases related to job recruitment in Sabarkantha Bank and Marketing Yard where candidates allegedly paid money but did not get the promised jobs. Yuvrajsinh Jhala, who has been actively pursuing justice in this matter, is currently supporting one candidate who has come forward, and together they are striving for justice. The case highlights the challenges and corruption prevalent in job recruitment processes, leading to tragic consequences such as suicide.

Deceased Son’s Father Demands Justice

Rishikesh Patel, the father of the deceased, has stated that despite providing money for the job recruitment, his son did not secure the position. Instead, others who paid bribes were allegedly appointed to the roles in question. He expressed disappointment and anguish over the situation, indicating that the money was given to facilitate his son’s recruitment, but the promised job was not granted to him.

Rishikesh Patel further revealed that others who paid money secured jobs in his son’s place. He believes that this unfair practice led to his son’s despair, ultimately resulting in the tragic incident of suicide. Rishikesh Patel has filed a complaint with the police, seeking justice for the alleged corruption in the job recruitment process. The case raises concerns about transparency and fairness in recruitment procedures and the consequences that can follow when such practices are not addressed.

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