Chemical Factory Fire Horror: 24 Workers Burnt in Surat Blaze, Escaping Sudden Aether Industries Blast

In Surat’s Sachin industrial area, a severe fire has broken out in a storage tank of a chemical manufacturing unit. The flames are raging, causing a chaotic scene among the staff. More than three fire engines have rushed to the incident, and efforts are underway to extinguish the fire by the firefighters. In this incident, 24 workers have been injured, and they are being rushed to the hospital for treatment.

Overnight Fire Incident at Aether Industries Limited

According to reports, a fire broke out twice last night at Aether Industries Limited in Surat. The employees and staff of the company were in a state of panic due to the regular operations being disrupted. Firefighters from the fire brigade have reached the scene to control the fire. Water is being sprayed on the fire by the firefighters throughout the night to bring it under control.

Many Injured in the Aftermath of the Blast

Eyewitnesses have reported that due to the blast, many people were injured. It was revealed that during the night, all the workers were working there. Regular work was in progress when suddenly there were several blasts, and we started the evacuation process. Many people were injured due to the blasts. When I went outside to run, some injured were taken to Apple Hospital. Three severely injured workers have been brought here. Others have been taken to Sachin’s private hospital and other hospitals for treatment.

Chaos Erupts in the Factory Premises

Surat’s Sachin GIDC is home to large chemical industries. Chemicals for various industrial processes are prepared in Aether Industries. A blast occurred in the company’s storage tank, leading to chaos. Workers in the factory started running outside to safety. The fire department was informed, and fire brigade personnel reached the incident site.

Chemical Storage Tank Leakage Causes Panic

Chief Fire Officer Basant Parikh has stated that a call was received regarding a fire in the Aether Industries. The factory is involved in the production of chemicals. It has been revealed that a fire broke out due to a leakage in the storage tank. Approximately 24 fire brigade personnel have been dispatched, and they are being treated at a private hospital for their injuries. The fire is under control, and cooling operations are in progress.

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