Morning Explosions in Surat: E-Bike and Gas Cylinder Blast Kill Teen, Vadodara Shops Ablaze

Two Explosions in Surat’s Limbayat Area Cause Panic

In the early morning hours, two explosions in the Limbayat area of Surat created an atmosphere of fear. The incident occurred at a building with shops on the ground floor and residences above. The explosion originated from an e-bike that was left charging in the society’s backyard. The blast triggered a fire, which soon spread to a nearby gas cylinder, causing it to explode as well.

The blasts caused significant damage, breaking a wall and a door. Upon being alerted, the fire department promptly arrived at the scene and rescued five individuals, including a child and an elderly person. Unfortunately, a 14-year-old girl lost her life in the incident. Additionally, a woman who attempted to escape sustained burns and was taken to the hospital. Three other people, including two more individuals, also suffered burns.

Name of the Deceased:

  • Mohini Delaram Sirvi

Injured Family Members:

  • Champaben Delaram Sirvi
  • Chirag Delaram Sirvi
  • Delaram Jasaram Sirvi

In a separate incident in Vadodara, a fire broke out in a building, resulting in four shops being completely destroyed by the blaze.

Explosion in E-Bike at 5:35 AM

According to reports, at 5:35 AM this morning, an explosion occurred in an e-bike in Laxmi Park Society, near Maharana Pratap Chowk in the Limbayat Zone. The building has a hardware store on the ground floor and a two-story residence above. The e-bike was left charging behind the shop in the society’s backyard. The blast caused a fire, which spread to a nearby gas cylinder, leading to a second explosion.

Panic Spreads Throughout the Area

The two explosions created panic in the entire area. The blasts caused the back wall and gate door of the shop to break, and shattered the window glass of the opposite building. Upon being alerted to the explosions and fire, the fire department quickly dispatched teams with fire engines, water browsers, turntable ladders, and other modern fire-fighting vehicles, along with fire brigade officials, to the scene.

Burned Woman Rushed to Hospital

The fire department controlled the fire and rescued those trapped. Three individuals, including a woman, a child, and an elderly person with burns, were rescued from the second-floor gallery. A woman tried to escape down the stairs but was burned and was immediately transported to the nearest hospital by the fire team using a 108 ambulance.

Fire in Ground Floor Hardware Store

Fire Officer Tandel stated that they received the call at 5:30 AM. Upon arrival, they found a fire in the hardware store on the ground floor. Five people from the first and second floors were rescued and brought down. The fire was brought under control within an hour, and cooling operations were subsequently carried out. A burst gas cylinder was found at the scene.

Fire in Raopura, Vadodara

In the Raopura area near Tower Char Rasta, a shop caught fire, which then spread. Upon receiving the call, nine fire engines from various stations, including Dandiabazar, Vadiwadi, GIDC, Panigate, and Gajrawadi, rushed to the scene and began extinguishing the fire. The fire caused panic in the surrounding area.

Massive Fire Engulfs Four Shops

The fire became so intense that it engulfed four nearby shops, and smoke was visible from a distance. Police also rushed to the scene. Fortunately, there were no casualties, but the shops were completely destroyed. The fire broke out early in the morning, and after hours of strenuous effort, it was brought under control. Ventilation operations are still ongoing.

Laboratory on the First Floor

Local resident Jayeshbhai stated that the fire likely started due to a short circuit in one of the shops early in the morning. The fire affected three medical stores and a shoe store, with a laboratory located on the first floor above. Four shops were affected by the fire, and three of them were completely destroyed. The fire department is currently working on the site.

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