India’s Toyota Innova Launching Ethanol-Powered Model on Aug 29 As Nitin Gadkari Announced

What is Ethanol?

Ethanol is mainly produced from crops such as rice, corn and sugarcane. Gadkari believes that second-generation biofuel ethanol can be produced from agricultural biomass such as bamboo and cotton and straw, with surplus sugarcane, rice and corn being used.

What Will Be the Changes? 

Currently there is no information on what changes have been made to the Innova’s engine. Also, it has not been revealed how much the company will produce these cars. All these things will be revealed on August 29. There is no information about how much the price of the car will increase. Regarding ethanol, now the government is going to take steps to meet the requirement of filling stations.

Toyota Innova

Scheduled for August 29, 2023, Union Road Transport & Highways Minister, Nitin Gadkari, will unveil the groundbreaking Ethanol-powered Toyota Innova MPV. This pioneering vehicle will secure the distinction of being the world’s first electrified flex-fuel car adhering to BSVI stage 2 emission standards. The Minister’s confirmation came during the Mint Sustainability Summit where he stated, “On August 29, I am going to launch the popular (Toyota) Innova car on 100% ethanol.”

This innovative Toyota Innova has undergone special modifications to operate exclusively on 100% Ethanol. This development aligns with the Minister’s call for prominent automakers to bring forth alternative fuel-based passenger cars and electric vehicles. Notably, in the preceding year, he introduced the Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicle to the Indian market. Anticipating the upcoming fiscal year 2024-25, there are anticipated to be significant advancements in the realm of passenger electric vehicles.

In 2004, Nitin Gadkari’s interest in biofuels was piqued by a surge in gasoline prices, prompting him to embark on an exploratory journey to Brazil for in-depth insights. He highlighted that biofuels possess transformative potential, capable of yielding impressive outcomes while substantially curbing the foreign exchange outflow linked with petroleum imports.

Gadkari expressed his belief in the remarkable capabilities of biofuels, emphasizing their potential to significantly conserve foreign exchange funds that are currently directed towards petroleum imports. With the aim of establishing a self-reliant industry, he envisions offsetting the substantial cost of oil imports, which presently amounts to Rs. 16 lakh crore. The forthcoming Ethanol-powered Toyota Innova will earn the distinction of being the world’s pioneer electrified flex-fuel car to conform to the rigorous BSVI stage 2 emission standards.

Furthermore, Gadkari also highlighted the impending completion of several road projects, collectively valued at approximately Rs 65,000 crore, expected to conclude by the close of this calendar year. Notably, this includes the advancement of the Dwarka Expressway. In his address, he underlined the adverse consequences linked with chemical fertilizers and pesticides and underscored the critical need for safeguarding the environment.

The Indian automotive sector has experienced the introduction of robust hybrid vehicles such as the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara, Toyota Innova Hycross, Maruti Suzuki Invicto, Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder, and the Honda City Hybrid. In parallel, domestic manufacturers like Mahindra and Tata are actively working towards the launch of a series of zero-emission vehicles within the upcoming two to three years.

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