Typhoon Saola hits China’s southern coast: 160 kmph winds, 9 lakh people evacuated

Typhoon Saola made landfall on the southern coast of Guangdong, China, this morning. To prepare for the storm, public transport in the city of Shenzhen was halted starting from Friday evening. Schools and shops in the surrounding areas have also been temporarily closed as a safety measure. Tragically, there is news of one person losing their life in China as a result of the storm.

With wind speeds reaching up to 160 kilometers per hour, Typhoon Saola has prompted the evacuation of approximately 900,000 people from their homes to safer locations. Chinese officials have issued a warning, stating that this storm has the potential to be one of the five most powerful storms to strike the southern province since 1949. The authorities are taking significant measures to ensure the safety of the residents in its path.

Hundreds of Flights Cancelled, School Markets Closed

China has faced significant disruptions due to bad weather caused by Typhoon Saola. Hundreds of flights have been canceled, particularly in regions like Shenzhen, Hong Kong, and Macau, where strong winds are prevailing. Authorities have reported a record-high tide, reaching 13 feet above the normal level. Heavy winds have persisted in the affected areas since the evening. With the typhoon making landfall on China’s coast, there is an increased risk of flooding due to the powerful winds. It’s worth noting that China has already experienced severe summer floods in its northern and northeastern regions this year, resulting in tragic loss of life.

Another Typhoon to Hit China’s Coast on Sunday

Another typhoon named Haikui, located in the Pacific Ocean, is expected to potentially impact the eastern city of Wenzhou in China. This information was provided by the American Embassy in Beijing. The embassy cautioned that the eastern and southern regions of China could face adverse conditions such as strong winds, heavy rainfall, flooding, and potential disruptions to transportation. Preparedness and safety measures are crucial in anticipation of this typhoon’s impact.

As of Thursday, a fourth-level alert has been issued for southern China due to the severe weather conditions caused by Typhoon Saola. This alert indicates a high level of concern and preparedness. In response to the typhoon, many train services in Guangdong have been canceled, and there is a possibility of route changes for some trains to ensure passenger safety during the adverse weather conditions.

According to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center, a US weather service operated by the Navy, Typhoon Saola was moving steadily at a speed of 138 mph on Friday. There’s the potential for it to escalate into a category four storm. Additionally, the same source indicated that Hurricane Haikui is expected to have maximum sustained winds of 80 mph. This situation suggests a series of storms with significant weather patterns in the Pacific Ocean.

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