Violent Altercation at Vadodara Petrol Pump Caught on CCTV: Manager Assaulted for Refusing Cigarettes

Altercation at Nayara Petrol Pump in Manjalpur

On the previous night, an alarming incident occurred at Nayara Petrol Pump situated near Manjalpur area of Vadodara city. A dispute erupted at the petrol pump involving the manager and a person who had come to fuel his vehicle. The disagreement escalated when the customer, identified as Hemant alias Raj Cigarette, was denied permission to smoke a cigarette while refueling.

The entire incident was captured on CCTV cameras installed at the petrol pump. The matter has been reported to the Manjalpur police station, and further action is being taken. Manager Harvijaysinh Gohil registered a complaint, stating that on the night of 26th January 2024, he was present at Nayara Petrol Pump when Hemant, the driver of a four-wheeler with registration number GJ-06-PM-81338133, created a verbal altercation after being prohibited from smoking a cigarette near our petrol pump.

Assault and Threats Following Verbal Altercation

An incident occurred where I was verbally abused and physically assaulted by individuals named Roshan, Abhishek, and Mahavir. They called me, and upon arriving, they subjected me to verbal abuse and physically assaulted me, causing me to bleed from my nose. They also issued threats to my life. Consequently, I reported the matter to Anilbhai and Jigishaben, who were working at the petrol pump, and they helped me escape. Before the police arrived at the scene, the assailants fled.

I have lodged a formal complaint about this incident at Manjalpur Police Station.

Altercation at Nayara Petrol Pump

The manager of Nayara Petrol Pump, Harvijaysinh Gohil, reported that around 10:15 PM, an unidentified person in a car came to the petrol pump and was smoking a cigarette inside the vehicle. Upon noticing this, the manager approached the person and informed them about the prohibition of smoking at the petrol pump. The individual, under the influence, got out of the car and engaged in a verbal altercation with the manager. The situation escalated, and a passerby, assumed to be a relative of the individual, intervened, leading to a heated argument. The police were called, and a case was registered concerning this incident.

Altercation at Petrol Pump Leads to Police Complaint

Following a phone call made by an individual to his friends, a group of 8-10 people gathered at the petrol pump within 5-7 minutes. The situation escalated, and they began to create a ruckus at the petrol pump, prompting a bystander to file a complaint. I arrived at the scene and was assaulted by these individuals. Upon reviewing the CCTV footage, we identified the person who arrived in the car as Rajendragiri associated with the Freedom Group. I request that legal action be taken in this matter. A complaint has been lodged at Manjalpur Police Station against Raj, Roshan, Abhishek, and Mahavir, and the police have initiated a search for the accused.

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