Tragic Vadodara Incident: Yamdoot-Turned-Truck Crushes Elderly Woman near Jupiter Chowk – CCTV Footage

Vadodara city is witnessing a surge in unfortunate accidents, highlighting a blatant disregard for the directives issued by the Commissioner of Police. Despite the prohibition on heavy vehicles entering the city, these regulations are being systematically flouted, resulting in grievous harm to unsuspecting individuals. The recent incident near Jupiter Chowk, located in close proximity to Makarpura GIDC, is a distressing example of the consequences of such violations.

In this particular incident, captured on CCTV, a 71-year-old man fell victim to a tragic accident involving a truck driver. The elderly individual lost his life in the incident, raising serious concerns about the enforcement of traffic regulations and the safety of city residents.

Following the accident, vigilant locals promptly apprehended the truck driver responsible for the tragedy. The driver was subsequently handed over to the police, underscoring the community’s commitment to ensuring accountability for such incidents.

Resilience Amidst Adversity: The 20-Year Vadodara Journey of Chitarbhai Rodubhai Bavaria

In a poignant testament to resilience and determination, Chitarbhai Rodubhai Bavaria, a 73-year-old business-labourer, has been a resident of Vadodara for the past two decades. Currently residing in a modest hut near the Akota Bridge, Vadodara city, alongside essential facilities, Mr. Bavaria originally hails from Lambha Chaparia Village, G.Tok, Kota, Jaipur Road, Rajasthan. Despite the challenges posed by their circumstances, Mr. Bavaria and his wife, Mathara Devi, have carved out a living through years of dedicated casual labor.

In a recent turn of events, Mr. Bavaria filed a complaint at the Manjalpur Police Station, shedding light on their life journey and the challenges they face. “We have been living in Vadodara for the last 20 years, making ends meet through casual labor. My wife, Mathara Devi, is an integral part of our lives,” expressed Mr. Bavaria in his statement to the authorities.

Truck hit while crossing the road

Tragic Road Mishap Claims Life of Vadodara Resident Mathara Devi Amo

In a harrowing incident that unfolded today near Jupiter Char Road, tragedy struck as Mr. Chitarbhai Rodubhai Bavaria and his wife, Mathara Devi Amo, were crossing the road. The unfortunate event occurred around 3:30 PM when a truck driver, reportedly speeding from Vadsar Bridge, recklessly collided with Mrs. Amo.

The impact of the collision resulted in severe injuries to Mrs. Amo’s back, rendering her unconscious. Bystanders swiftly gathered at the scene as Mr. Bavaria, in shock and distress, promptly dialed emergency services at 108. Urgently transported to Sayaji Hospital for immediate medical attention, Mrs. Amo, unfortunately, succumbed to her injuries, as declared by the attending doctor.

Urgent Calls for Stringent Measures as Shocking CCTV Footage Emerges

The city of Vadodara finds itself grappling with yet another unfortunate incident involving a truck driver, as shocking CCTV footage has surfaced following the apprehension of the driver responsible. This incident underscores the alarming frequency with which innocent victims fall prey to the actions of irresponsible truck drivers within the city.

In response to the incident, the Manjalpur police have taken swift action, arresting the reckless truck driver. However, the pressing question remains: when will effective measures be implemented to rein in such incidents and bring truck drivers under control? The recurrence of these incidents emphasizes the need for a comprehensive strategy to address the root causes and ensure the safety of pedestrians and commuters in the city.

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