Vijay Nair’s Reporting to Atishi-Saurabh, Not Me: ED Inquiry Reveals

In the latest development in the Delhi Police case, Delhi’s Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who has been in jail for the past 10 days, was presented before the Delhi’s Rouse Avenue Court for a hearing today. During the proceedings, ASG Raju represented the Enforcement Directorate (ED), while Ramesh Gupta represented Kejriwal. The ED informed the court that Kejriwal is attempting to evade the investigation.

Kejriwal was present in court while ED lawyers presented their arguments. It was revealed during the questioning by the ED that Kejriwal had reported to Vijay Nair and Atishi Atishi and Saurabh Bhardwaj. Kejriwal remained silent during this time. This is the first time he took the names of two ministers in court.

During the interrogation by the ED, Kejriwal stated that he did not report to Vijay Nair, but to Atishi and Saurabh Bhardwaj. It is noteworthy that when the ED informed the court about this, Kejriwal did not deny it and remained silent. It should be noted that Atishi has also served as the in-charge of the Goa Legislative Assembly elections in Goa.

Kejriwal avoided answering these questions, stating that when Nair worked from the Chief Minister’s office, he did not have information about the people working in the CM’s office. When Atishi was questioned about this matter, he denied saying anything.

Nair’s alleged involvement as a spokesperson for the AAP came at a time when controversies surfaced. In the charge sheet filed by the ED, AAP’s media spokesperson Vijay Nair was accused of working as an intermediary for the “South Group”, which allegedly provided entry into the liquor discount business in Delhi for the Kejriwal government allegedly launched a launch of Rs 100 crore.

Kejriwal had allegedly counted Vijay Nair as his own man – ED

On Friday, the central investigative agency accused Kejriwal of being the mastermind of the Delhi Police case in its remand application before the Delhi court. It was further stated that they were directly involved in policy formulation, procurement requests, and management of income from crime. Kejriwal had denied the allegations and said that there was no evidence linking him to the alleged corruption in the concluded policy.

Kejriwal evades ED probe

Arvind Kejriwal is evading the ED probe. The ED informed the court that Kejriwal has not disclosed his digital division’s passwords yet. According to the ED, whenever Kejriwal is asked any questions, his response is always, ‘I don’t know, I don’t know…’ According to the ED, his behavior is completely non-cooperative, and he hasn’t even surrendered his phone. An investigation is underway for evading the probe. Later, when the ED demanded his custody, the court remanded him to judicial custody for 15 days in jail.

Who is Vijay Nair?

Vijay Nair has been the party’s communication in-charge for many years. They are a well-known name in the entertainment world. According to a news agency, Nair started the management company OML for indie bands. Later, they focused on stand-up comedy and live music shows. OML stands for Only Much Louder, an entertainment and event media company. Vijay Nair has also served as its CEO and director.

Vijay Nair embroiled in controversy

In 2018, Vijay Nair faced allegations under the #MeToo campaign. The company had dismissed these allegations. According to the CBI FIR, Arjun Pandey, an alleged associate of Manish Sisodia, had taken 2 to 4 crore rupees from liquor businessman Sameer Mahendra. Vijay Nair was alleged to have received this amount.

After 11 days in remand, Kejriwal in 14-day judicial custody

The ED arrested Arvind Kejriwal on March 21. He was produced before the Rouse Avenue Court on March 22. The court remanded him to custody until March 28, meaning 7 days in remand. Later, on March 28, during the hearing, the court extended his custody until April 1. Today, he has been released on bail until April 15, which means 14 days of judicial custody.

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