Bajaj to Launch World’s First CNG Bike: Double Mileage, 50-65% Fuel Cost Reduction

Bajaj Auto is set to launch the world’s first motorcycle running on CNG fuel in the upcoming quarter (April-June). The company’s Managing Director, Rajiv Bajaj, revealed this information. In an interview with CNBC-TV18, he stated that they have requested to reduce the price of fuel by half. Regarding the new project, Rajiv mentioned that during prototype testing, they have achieved a reduction of 50% in carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, 75% in carbon monoxide (CO) emissions, and almost 90% in non-methane hydrocarbon emissions.

Hero-Honda tested 40 years ago.

Rajiv Bajaj stated, “This bike is potentially great for the environment. However, we are committed to doing what Honda did 40 years ago. Then it significantly reduced fuel costs by 50-65% or increased mileage.”

In 2025, the company will launch its largest Pulsar bike ever. Bajaj mentioned that the company will launch its biggest Pulsar bike ever at the beginning of the coming year. He stated that the company is removing all cylinders. Instead of creating a premium brand like Premium Pulsar, we are focusing on its super segment. He mentioned that Bajaj will focus on the 125cc Plus segment and will continue to launch it consistently.

In a recent interview given to PTI, the company’s Executive Director Rakesh Sharma provided information about the launch of CNG bikes. He also requested the government to reduce GST to 12% for adopting GST. Sharma stated, “Although the government does not levy 5% GST on electric bikes, it is advisable to impose lower GST on petrol bikes. Therefore, a tax of approximately 12% should be levied on both.” This will benefit both customers and companies.

In February 2024, Bajaj Auto sold a total of 3.46 lakh vehicles. Compared to the previous year, the company saw a 24% increase in sales revenue. In February 2023, the company had sold 2.80 lakh vehicles.

This year, there has been a 24.61% increase in the company’s shares. Bajaj’s shares have seen an increase of 8.16% (Rs. 629.60) in the last month, 78.27% (Rs. 3,666.20) over six months, and 124.28% (Rs. 4,626.95) over one year. This year, its share has increased by 24.61%.

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