Amway India Fosters a Healthy Oral Microbiome for Holistic Well-being with the New Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste

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Recognizing the deeper connection between oral health and overall health, Amway India, one of the leading FMCG direct-selling companies, introduced the All-NewGlister Multi-Action toothpaste with many benefits.

Amway Indias Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste for healthy oral microbiome and overall well-being

USP of the New Glister Multi-Action

Plant based goodness* and ReminactTM Advantage**

Increase Enamel whitening by 42% ***

Significant plaque reduction in 10 days and

Freshens breath for 12 hours.**

No animal derived ingredients, sugar, alcohol, peroxides, and paraben

Cleans & whitens teeth and fights cavity. Glister Multi-Action Herbals enriched with 11 natural ingredients like Neem, Glove, peppermint etc.

Talking about the new launch, Ajay Khanna, CMO, Amway India stated, “According to the(1)World Health Organization, over 95% of Indian adults experience tooth decay, while more than 50% suffer from gum recession, tooth sensitivity, and bad breath. As we observe a growing shift towards holistic wellness,Glister, one of the best-selling brands fromAmwaythat has won the trust of millions of consumers worldwide,proudly leads the way in integrating oral care into a broader paradigm. In the grand tapestry of health and wellness, oral care forms a thread that interweaves through every aspect of our lives, serving as an integral part of our holistic well-being. With a legacy spanning over five decades, the Glisterhas consistently evolved to meet the growing needs of consumers. Our latest offering, Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste, aims to nurture and support the delicate balance of your oral care microbiome while delivering multiple benefits – increasing enamel whitening by 42%, freshens breath for 12 hours, plaque reduction, its flavour contains peppermint essential oil which is Nutrilite sourced/certified, that helps to support freshening of breath and is enriched with *plant-based goodness. Furthermore, addressing the increasing preference for toothpaste with natural and herbal ingredients, we also have Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals which comes with 11 natural ingredients. These toothpastes are not merely about brightening smiles; they empower individuals to adopt a holistic approach to their health by acknowledging the interconnectedness of oral hygiene with their overall well-being.”

The mouth, the bodys gateway, teems with a diverse community of over 700 microorganisms, forming the second-largest microbiome in the body. Research indicates that 90% of all systemic diseases manifest orally, underscoring the paramount importance of oral care for holistic well-being. Towards this, the Glister Multi-Action toothpaste and Glister Multi-Action toothpaste herbals are enriched with **Plant-based goodness, including ingredients like sorbitol and glycerin. They are meticulously formulated withNo animal-derived ingredients, No sugar, No alcohol, No peroxides, or No Parabens The new Glister Multi-Action toothpaste increases enamel whitening by 42% (1) and helps fight cavities, thereby maintaining strong and healthy teeth. The ReminactTM Advantage aids in the remineralization of tooth enamel by assisting in the redeposit of essential minerals on the enamel surface, making teeth more resilient to decay. The flavour in Glister Multi-Action toothpaste contains peppermint essential oil which is Nutrilite sourced/ certified helps support freshening of breath. In addition to all the benefits of Glister Multi-Action toothpaste, the herbal variant of Glister comes with 11 natural ingredients, including Clove, Neem, Peppermint, Spearmint, Ginger, Tea tree, Mulethi, basil, Eucalyptol, Lemon, and Camphor. Additionally, both variants are IDA-certified.

The Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste and Glister Multi-Action Toothpaste Herbals are priced at Rs. 322 and Rs. 333 per pack size of 200 g (inclusive of all taxes) respectively. The product packs are also available in 50 g pack to provide flexibility of purchase.

For more information about Glister MultiAction Toothpaste and Glisters commitment to holistic wellness, please visit

(1) (source –

**(contains ingredients like sorbitol and glycerine sourced from plants in glister multi action toothpaste)

**”# claims as per clinical study and with regular Brushing”)

***(* As per in vitro assessment, 42.42% increase in whiteness/lightness of the enamel specimens compared to the baseline/stained value in glister multi action toothpaste”

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