Mind Wellness Coach Gursahiba Kaur Anand Bags Brands Impact’s Healthcare Excellence Awards

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Certified mind wellness coach, NLP practitioner, and author Gursahiba Kaur Anand has received the prestigious Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 presented by Chief Guest Neha Dhupia at a gala event in New Delhi. Brand Impacts Healthcare Excellence Awards 2023 aims to recognize businesses and individuals for their contributions to the healthcare sector by advancing the effectiveness and efficiency of healthcare delivery as a whole. The awards give every healthcare institution or individual a chance to take part and receive recognition on a national level, which helps them do better business.

Gursahiba Kaur Anand Receiving Award from Neha Dhupia

Gursahiba shares how she always had a strong passion for self-healing, which inspired her to seek a deeper meaning in life. However, the journey was not always so smooth. Gursahiba struggled with issues of identity and purpose during a period of self-doubt and soul-searching, which led to an overwhelming amount of overthinking. It was with immense strength, perseverance, and the continuous support of her mentors, family, and caring professionals that she overcame overthinking, anxiety and depression.

Gursahiba has an MSc in Financial Economics from the prestigious University of Nottingham under her belt and a stellar academic record. Aside from their educational journey, Gursahiba found a strong passion for self-inner transformation since childhood days that would ultimately help her live her purpose in life. Today, she is a skilled mind wellness coach, NLP practitioner, has an authority on the Law of Attraction, and author of the best-selling inspiring book, “Mastering the Art of Overcoming Overthinking“, is available on Amazon and Flipkart.

Today, Gursahiba has emerged as a source of inspiration and hope for those who need to overcome their internal struggles with grit. Now, she has made it her lifes mission to inspire others by helping them escape constricting habits, elevating from the ordinary to the extraordinary. She has addressed several gatherings and institutions and forums with the goal of shaping a community of motivated, self-aware people.

This community today views Gursahiba as a life-changing force and an author who personifies the spirit of inspiration and resilience. She is a steadfast proponent of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Gursahiba also has the knowledge and abilities to lead people on a transformative path of self-discovery as a trained mind wellness coach and NLP practitioner.

Gursahiba is helping lead several people toward self-discovery and personal improvement with her expertise, personal experience, learnings, and people-centric attitude. Her compelling book “Mastering the Art of Overcoming Overthinking” has impacted numerous lives and gives readers the tools to take control of their thoughts and accept change.

Gursahiba’s guiding beliefs in life are kindness, love, and compassion. Every person can bring about change, according to Gursahiba, and her journey is proof of this. They have shown via her projects and endeavours how one individuals passion can impact entire communities and beyond.

Her dedication to improving the world one small step at a time is a motivating example of how positive change is possible when combined with tenacity, empathy, and a firm faith in the human spirits capacity. Her mission to heal the world as much as she can for the sake of humanity.

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