Gap in CVD Onset Between India and Western Population has Increased in Recent Years: a Roche Diagnostics India and Medisage Survey Reveals

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India is witnessing an increasing prevalence of cardiovascular diseases (CVD) among the younger population. In fact, CVDs are striking Indians at an earlier age than the Western population reveals a survey commissioned by Roche Diagnostics India in partnership with Medisage, a global healthcare knowledge platform. The survey reached out to 300 members of the public and 100 health care practitioners (HCPs) across India to understand their perspective on CVD trends, symptoms, preferred behavior in tackling the disease, among other topics.

The survey forms a cornerstone of Roche Diagnostics India’s Raho #DilSeFit campaign which aims to inspire Indians to prioritise their heart health. The campaign has brought together leading cardiologists and general physicians, hospitals, and the general population to draw a national commitment towards cardiac health and drive positive behaviour to address challenges in CVD management.

The dual perspective survey is titled, ‘Emerging Cardiovascular Challenges Among Young Indians: A Comprehensive Analysis of Awareness, Risk Factors, and Preventive Strategies‘ delves into the factors contributing to the rising incidence of CVDs, examines common challenges experienced by younger patients seeking cardiac consultations, identifies critical determinants of CVD risk, and barriers to screening of non-communicable diseases (NCD).

Some of the interesting findings from the survey are:

52% of HCPs surveyed said that comorbidities such as hypertension and diabetes are the primary rising causes of CVD in younger people.

94% of HCPs surveyed asserted that the gap in CVD onset between India and the Western population has increased in recent years.

Although India is witnessing a steady rise in the CVD prevalence among younger population, yet 54% of the public think CVD is an old age disease.

40% of cardiologists feel that there is a need to train general physicians and enable them to identify high risk patients through cardiovascular risk assessment in order to reduce the burden of CVD.

Approximately 61% of the respondents indicated they do not have a clear understanding about the difference in various CVDs such as heart attack, sudden cardiac arrest and heart failure.

75% of the public have not undergone cardiac risk assessment following a diabetes diagnosis.

The survey findings are key towards driving policymakers and HCPs to develop a national CVD management protocol that integrates diagnostics and treatment across care continuum.

Commenting on the survey findings, Thilo Brenner, APAC Sub-Region 1 Head (India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Pakistan, India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Philippines) said, “Nearly two-thirds of all cardiovascular deaths in Indian populations are premature. To reduce the disease burden, India needs to bring CVDs to the top of the health agenda. This includes increased education about prevention, risk assessment and timely intervention, and access to population-based disease management programmes. Roche Diagnostics remains committed to driving innovation and advancing the cause of heart health and this survey is one such initiative to build greater awareness among people, HCPs and policymakers alike.”

According to Federation of Family Physicians Associations of India, “The surveys findings are crucial for guiding preventive strategies, improving healthcare, and raising patient awareness about cardiovascular health.”

According to Dr. Upendra Kaul, Chairman, Batra Heart Centre, New Delhi said, “The healthcare community has grown increasingly alarmed by the declining age of patients suffering from CVDs. All too often, patients seek medical attention when options for intervention are limited to damage control. To cite an example, this survey revealed that more than 70% of the patients being diagnosed for diabetes have not undergone cardiac risk assessment as part of disease management. Now, this is a disturbing revelation as most people are aware that diabetes and CVDs have a direct correlation. What India needs is to adopt a guidelines based disease management programme that will enable HCPs to identify high risk patients and provide them with appropriate care.”

Dr. Jayagopal PB (IN), Director, HOD & Senior Interventional Cardiologist at Lakshmi Hospital, Palakkad, said, “General awareness regarding CVDs remain alarmingly inadequate within the nation. The fact that more than 50% of respondents stated that CVDs are associated with old age, despite the growing numbers of younger people being impacted, is worrisome. It is imperative that we emphasise the significance of early diagnosis and timely intervention, encouraging individuals to take corrective actions well in advance to avert undesirable medical outcomes. Campaign like Raho #DilSeFit are therefore, befitting and key enablers to drive greater education about CVD management in India.”

The complete survey can be downloaded here.

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