Global Care Consulting Facilitates Historic Partnership between Marengo Asia Hospitals and the Ministry of Health, Mangolia

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In a landmark event, Global Care Consulting, the healthcare consulting arm of Global Care facilitated the first ever clinical corridor between Marengo Asia Hospitals and the Ministry of Health, Mongolia. This is the first-of-its-kind initiative in Asia.

Global Care Consulting facilitates historic partnership between Marengo Asia Hospitals and the Ministry of Health, Mangolia

Bridging healthcare boundaries through strategic international partnerships, Global Care Consultancy’s motto is ‘Identifying and Building Clinical Corridors’. The company is setting new standards in global healthcare collaboration.

Global Care Consulting specializes in assisting healthcare clients in expanding their reach across international markets and thus, building ‘clinical corridors’. Their approach involves identifying promising markets, creating strategic plans, and fostering partnerships to implement effective solutions.

For the same, Global Care Consulting entered into a groundbreaking tripartite agreement with Mongolias Central Health Department. Mongolia sought assistance in enhancing its clinical excellence. Global Care Consulting seamlessly facilitated this partnership by identifying a healthcare partner willing to invest in Mongolia.

“Global Care Consultings mission is clear: to identify international opportunities, craft effective strategies, and implement solutions for our healthcare clients while fostering global brand growth. This partnership with Mongolias Central Health Department and Marengo Asia Hospitals exemplifies our dedication to breaking down healthcare borders. With this consultancy arm of Global Care, we will continue helping our clients expand their reach and add value to the healthcare industry globally,” shared Rajeev Taneja, Founder and CEO of Global Care.

Marengo Asia Hospitals will be leading this partnership with the Ministry of Health, Government of Mongolia. The hospital will train 200 medical professionals and help in enhancing healthcare services in Magnolia. The partnership will focus on skills enhancement and capacity building through knowledge sharing and training programmes for the medical professionals from Mongolia.

As part of their consulting role, Global Care Consulting identified the untapped potential in Mongolia, understood the governments requirements, and forged a partnership with Marengo Asia hospitals to create a comprehensive strategy. This strategy aims to establish a clinical corridor in Mongolia, working in tandem with the Ministry of Health and Marengo Asia Hospitals. Global Care Consulting is at the forefront of this endeavor, playing a pivotal role in enabling and driving this partnership to success.

What sets Global Care Consulting apart is its extensive experience and established presence in various international markets. With their guidance, healthcare clients can swiftly penetrate international markets, saving valuable time and resources and this is their biggest value add.

This groundbreaking initiative marks a historic first in Asia.

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