Medical Milestone in Gujarat: Historic Angioplasty with Modern Laser Method in Gandhinagar, Patient Witnesses Procedure Live

Historic Laser Angioplasty Successfully Conducted at SCAI Super Multi Specialist Hospital in Gandhinagar

In a groundbreaking medical achievement, SCAI Super Multi Specialist Hospital in Kudasan, Gandhinagar, Gujarat, has performed a successful laser angioplasty under the Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJY) scheme. Dr. Bonny Gajjar utilized cutting-edge laser technology to operate on a 66-year-old patient, addressing an anterior cruciate ligament responsible for supplying 80 to 90 percent of blood to the patient’s heart. This landmark procedure marks a moment of pride for Gandhinagar, showcasing the hospital’s commitment to advanced medical techniques.

Patient Rushed to SCAI Hospital for Laser Angioplasty After Heart Attack Scare

The patient’s family acted promptly when the 66-year-old individual experienced chest pain, rushing them to a local hospital at Biga Chiloda. During the initial medical examination, the on-duty doctor identified signs of a heart attack, prompting the patient’s immediate transfer to SCAI Super Multi Specialist Hospital. Upon arrival, essential diagnostic reports were conducted, revealing a significant blockage in the anterior vessel responsible for supplying 80 to 90 percent of blood to the heart. The family was informed about the necessity of undergoing laser angioplasty surgery for the patient.

Conscious Angioplasty Performed on Elderly Patient with Advanced Machine

In the case of an adult patient, the common issue is the development of a fatty tumor leading to reduced blood circulation to the heart, increasing the risk of a heart attack. A recent patient diagnosed with an 85 percent blockage in the heart underwent conscious angioplasty, a procedure performed without sedating the patient, utilizing state-of-the-art machinery. This advanced approach aims to address the circulatory challenges posed by fatty deposits, enhancing the efficiency of the angioplasty procedure.

Revolutionary Angioplasty Procedure with Excimer Laser Machine

Furthermore, Dr. Boney Gajjar highlighted the groundbreaking angioplasty procedure conducted using an excimer laser machine worth an estimated three crores. A 0.33 mm tube was meticulously crafted from the blood vein of the patient’s hand to the heart, utilizing advanced laser technology. The laser effectively fragmented the fatty deposit causing the blockage. Notably, the patient remained conscious throughout the procedure, witnessing the angioplasty surgery on screen. Within minutes, the blood flow to the patient’s heart was successfully restored.

Revolutionizing Heart Care: A Paradigm Shift from Stent Procedures

Addressing a query, Dr. Boney highlighted the conventional approach to heart blockages, involving the placement of a stent (balloon) while the patient is unconscious. However, he emphasized that the performance of the stent diminishes after five to ten years, necessitating bypass surgery. This is primarily due to the stent obstructing part of the heart tube, leading to partial enlargement without complete removal of blood-fat clots. The cholesterol-coated drug in stents, with a gradually diminishing effect, often requires repeated stent placements or resorting to long-term bypass surgery.

Breakthrough Laser Angioplasty: A Technological Leap in Heart Care

Traditionally, angioplasty procedures cost around three lakhs, involving the placement of a stent to address blood blockages in heart tubes. In contrast, the innovative laser technique disrupts and incinerates blood-fat clots, significantly reducing the risk of clot formation. SCAI Hospital in Gandhinagar, under the PMJY scheme, has pioneered this technique in Gujarat, offering a cost-effective alternative to the conventional angioplasty method that is commonly practiced in major Mumbai hospitals. Additionally, there are plans to introduce a state-of-the-art German technology laser machine from UN Mehta Hospital in Gujarat in the coming days.

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