Hemophilia: Surat Youth Survives Sudden Crisis with Successful Surgery – ₹1 Crore Injection Saves Life

Surat Civil Hospital has managed the severe illness of 32-year-old Himmatbhai Mangukiya, suffering from hemophilia, spending over Rs. 1 crore without any charge, proving to be a “Crisis Savior.” Alongside this, the success of health services at Surat New Civil Hospital has added another milestone. Surat Civil has been providing management for other severe illnesses like this even before.

Expenditure of this Management: Rs. 1 Crore

Due to an accident causing fractures in Himmatbhai’s hand, more bleeding was observed to control the hemorrhage, and for his operation, about Rs. 1 crore worth of management was provided by the New Civil Hospital. Surat Civil doctors successfully treated the patient in a case of “Rest of the Rare” in hemophilia. For the management of Hemophilic pain, 122 vials of Novo Factor 7 and 176 doses of Fiban were used, costing around Rs. 1 crore.

Use of Novo Factor 7 and Fiban

Dr. Nagesh Desai from the Orthopedic Department mentioned that due to an accident on 1st February, Himmatbhai Mangukiya, admitted to Civil Hospital with a fracture in his hand, also suffers from hemophilia at the rare stage. Consequently, due to increased bleeding, compartment syndrome developed. In this condition, when blood clots in one place, less blood reaches the tissues ahead of the hand. To control more bleeding, immediate administration of Novo Factor 7 and Fiban drugs was given.

Continuous Monitoring and Dressing by the Team

Originally from Lakhanaka village in Botad district, Himmatbhai has been living in Surat for the last 12 years. He works in the diamond industry. During his management at Civil, due to the positive effects of medicines and continuous administration of the Clotting Factor 7, his condition improved. After that, on 21st February, successful skin grafting of his hand was performed. The team of orthopedic doctors constantly monitored and dressed him, leading to a significant improvement in his condition.

Complete Recovery after a Month of Treatment

Moreover, the expensive treatment, costing about Rs. 1 crore for 122 vials of Novo Factor 7 and 176 doses of Fiban, was made available on time, in full quantity, and free of charge through the support of the New Civil Hemophilia Center, leading to a complete recovery after a month of treatment.

Joyful Return Home after Recovery: Himmat

Himmatbhai expressed his happiness by saying that until the accident, they had sought treatment in various private hospitals, but no one provided treatment knowing my condition, and I came here only after receiving a suggestion to go to New Civil Hospital. Immediate treatment was started by Civil, and the necessary medicines were provided, and my hand was successfully operated on. I am very happy to return home after a month of being healthy.

Free Treatment – Blessing for Middle-Class Families

Living with Himmatbhai, his paternal brother Khodabhai praised the facilities available in government hospitals. He said that the government’s free treatment-support of Rs. 1 crore is a blessing for any middle-class family. We have experienced that Civil Hospital’s timely and accurate diagnosis-treatment is no less than any famous private hospital.

Entire Staff Collaborated for Treatment

Under the guidance of the new Civil Superintendent Dr. Ganesh Govekar and RMO Dr. Ketan Nayak, under the leadership of Dr. Shiv Acharya, Head of the Orthopedic Department, along with Assistant Professors Dr. Anshul Gupta and Dr. Krinal Chaudhary, with the help of Dr. Sanket Sutariya, the team of senior-junior residents and nursing staff collaborated for the entire treatment process.

What is Hemophilia?

Hemophilia is a condition where blood does not clot normally, leading to prolonged bleeding after injury. Normally, blood flows out of our body after injury, but in hemophilia, bleeding continues for a longer time. It is an inherited condition where the ability to form blood clots is severely reduced, causing even minor injuries to bleed severely. Due to genetic factors, females are more sensitive to hemophilia than males.

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