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CHOSEN by Dermatology Launches Pinktober T-shirts in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

By NewsVoir

CHOSEN by Dermatology, a leading skin-friendly skincare brand, has launched their Pinktober T-shirts in honour of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month. CHOSEN Pinktober aims to celebrate the strength and resilience of breast cancer survivors while raising awareness about this cause.

Buy Chosen products and get Pinktober t shirts supporting breast cancer awareness

The Pinktober T-shirts, designed in a vibrant shade of pink, symbolize support, courage, and hope for those fighting breast cancer. Each T-shirt represents the collective strength of breast cancer survivors and their communities.

Customers who purchase for Rs. 3500 and above, either in-store or through the CHOSEN by Dermatology website (, will receive this Pinktober T-shirt free of cost.

“We are dedicated to not only curating world class products that works for you but is also safe for your skin and the environment,” said Mr. Revanth Gururaj, Product Expert, CHOSEN by Dermatology. “Our Pinktober T-shirts are a testament to our commitment to raising awareness about breast cancer and supporting the incredible fighters and survivors,” he added.

More importantly, CHOSEN by Dermatology is committed to providing safe and skin-friendly products. All CHOSEN products are endocrine disruptor-free, paraben-free, and mercury-free, ensuring they are non-carcinogenic and safe for customers and their loved ones.

CHOSEN encourages everyone to join this meaningful initiative, proudly wearing the Pinktober T-shirts and spreading the message of hope and support.

To learn more about CHOSEN by Dermatology and explore their products, visit

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