Surat Epidemic: 3 Children Die within 5 Days due to Fever, Vomiting, and Abdominal Pain, Including 6-Month-Old Infant

In Surat, there has been a gradual increase in the number of patients complaining of fever along with vomiting and stomach pain in recent days. The count of such patients is rising day by day, with some even succumbing to this illness. In the past five days alone, there have been five deaths, including three children, due to vomiting, stomach pain, and fever.

Death of a Two-Year-Old in Fever

In area of Surat, a two-year-old child succumbed to fever. According to information obtained from New Civil Hospital, Sachin, the child belonged to a family residing in Tirumala Society with six members. The father works at a dying mill to support the family. The youngest son, Vishnu (age 2), started vomiting on Tuesday night, leading to his hospitalization. Unfortunately, he passed away during treatment.

Death Due to Fever in Godadara

In Godadara, Surat, a resident named Parinita died due to fever. Originally from Uttar Pradesh, she currently resided in Gopalnagar with her husband Amit and a son. Amit works in a garment market to sustain the family. Parinita fell ill on Tuesday night, and she was admitted to a private hospital via 108 ambulance service. Her condition deteriorated further on Wednesday morning, leading to her demise.

Infant Death Due to Fever

In a six-month-old infant named Virat, along with his family, succumbed to fever. As per information from the New Civil Hospital nearby, the family resides in Lakshminagar, originally from Uttar Pradesh. The head of the family, Vimalbhai, runs a grocery store for their livelihood. Virat, the youngest among his siblings, had been suffering from fever for two days. He was rushed to a private hospital in Moroli, where he passed away.

Death of a Five-Year-Old Due to Vomiting in Pandesara

In Pandesara, Surat, a five-year-old child named Chhansi passed away due to vomiting. According to information from the nearby New Civil Hospital, the family resides in Krishna Nagar. The father, Chitrasen, works at a lumbar account. Chhansi fell ill on Friday night, and although her condition seemed to improve, she suddenly worsened on Saturday afternoon, leading to her hospitalization. Despite efforts, she couldn’t be saved.

Comprehensive Investigation Underway

A comprehensive investigation has been launched into the deaths of children and adults, along with the collection of water samples. Due to the continuous migration of families, a detailed history couldn’t be obtained. The municipality team is conducting the investigation where deaths have occurred.