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Rising Prices Hit Gujaratis! Vegetables Expensive, Lemon Prices Soaring

With the arrival of the scorching summer, it’s time to bid farewell to the pleasant chill of winter. Alongside the onset of summer, there has been a noticeable increase in the prices of vegetables. Foremost among them is the surge in lemon prices. 

As the summer season approaches, the prices of lemons have soared sky-high. In the summertime, lemonade becomes a popular beverage choice, and even before the advent of summer, lemons have become more expensive.

Rising Summer Heat Takes a Toll on Household Budgets

As the summer season kicks off, the prices of vegetables are skyrocketing, leaving household budgets strained. In just a month, the prices of many vegetables have surged by more than 50 percent. This steep increase not only affects the cost of purchasing vegetables but also leaves homemakers perplexed. 

What used to be a monthly expense for purchasing vegetables now depletes the budget within 15 to 20 days. With the summer heat intensifying, there’s a possibility of further price hikes in the coming days, adding to the financial strain on households.

Rising Prices Hit Households as Summer Begins

It’s notable that at the onset of summer, there was an increase in the prices of onions and garlic. Now, lemon prices have also reached new heights. The surge in lemon prices is putting a strain on household budgets. 

According to available information, lemons are being sold at retail markets for Rs. 200 per kilogram. It’s worth mentioning that during the summer, people use lemons extensively. Consequently, consumers are demanding a reduction in lemon prices, hoping for relief in their expenses.

Summer Heat Brings Soaring Vegetable Prices and Water Shortages

As the scorching summer begins, people are gradually feeling the heat. Meanwhile, as vegetable prices rise by 50 percent, homemakers are growing increasingly worried. The summer has just started, and already, the prices of vegetables have doubled due to the scarcity caused by the end of the winter season. 

With the decrease in vegetable production, prices have skyrocketed by as much as 40 to 50 percent. Alongside the onset of summer, water scarcity for irrigation directly impacts crop yields, further exacerbating the situation. As the availability of ingredients diminishes, vegetable prices continue to soar to unprecedented levels.

Rising Vegetable Prices at the Onset of Summer

As the summer season commences, vegetable prices are on the rise. During this time of the year, if the intensity of the heat increases, vegetable prices are expected to escalate further, eliciting concerns among the general public.

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