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Protest Against Vadodara Samras Girls Hostel: Students Demand Better Food, Lights Out During Mealtime

There was a disturbance among students today due to the provision of low-quality food in the Samarasa Girls Hostel on the Vadodara Polytechnic campus. Complaints were raised about the stale and oily food being served. It was also pointed out that there were long queues lasting up to 2-2 hours for meals, and water was only available for an hour in the morning. This led to considerable anger, with students directing their grievances towards the chief warden.

Long Queues for Meals

Deepthi Sadarkar, a resident of Samarasa Hostel, mentioned that since the change in the hostel warden, numerous problems have arisen regarding meals. Despite frequent complaints about the long queues for meals, the warden dismisses them, assuring improvements but none have been made so far. The hostel administration claims improvements have been made, but students still have to wait for 1-2 hours due to insufficient staff.

Provide Sufficient Water and Food on Time

It was further disclosed that with ongoing exams and college attendance, there isn’t enough time to wait for meals, particularly with over a thousand students residing in the hostel. The demand is for timely provision of proper meals and sufficient water. Currently, water is only available for an hour in the morning, causing inconvenience to students rushing to college. The management seems unaware of the situation.

Water and Cooking Oil Separated in Vegetables

Another student mentioned that there are issues with water and the supply of vegetables in the government girls hostel. Rice isn’t properly cleaned, and stones are found in it. Water and cooking oil are separated in the vegetables. Feedback was given, but the response was that they are the managers and not accountable. Sometimes, there’s a fear of eating contaminated food. Lights are turned off at 9 pm, even if students are still eating.

Ensure Proper Supply of Drinking Water

The chief in-charge of Samarasa Hostel, Hetalben Raval, stated that maintenance work may cause a slight delay in meal service, but yesterday, two counters were operational. There’s also a full supply of drinking water, and the RO system has been maintained. The toilets are regularly checked for cleanliness. Some girls complained of a strange smell from the vegetables, so immediate action was taken to prepare a new batch. Notices have been given to the agency regarding this issue.

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